Attempting to unplug (but only for a few hours per day, let’s not get crazy here).

The lovely Amberly and Kalyn have decided to motivate themselves and others to more actively strive for the best in their relationships (at whatever stage those might be in!) by creating weekly or monthly relationship goals to focus on.

Well, we all know I love a goal / challenge, so I decided that this is something I should definitely jump on. 

The only problem is, I have too many relationship-type things that I should probably be working on, and I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it all. We’re definitely a work in progress over here.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I should probably just tell the Husband that HE needs to think of some weekly goals and then work on them.

That would make this whole thing much easier (for me).

Goals I hope the Husband would make:

  • Clean-up used napkins instead of leaving them scattered around the house
  • Do the dishes as they get used instead of leaving them in the sink
  • Give wife nightly massages (a girl can dream!)
  • Refrain from leaving clothing in the kitchen (I do not, for the life of me, know why we always have clothes in the kitchen. Does the Husband just strip as soon as he walks in the door without me noticing?! I have no clue.)

Goals the Husband (probably) hopes I make:

  • Make dinner every night
  • Learn to love going to the grocery store
  • Basically somehow transform into a 1950’s style housewife, apron and all

Goal I’m actually going to make this week:

  • Use less technology when the Husband is around. (Including but not limited to: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc.)

I think this goal is especially relevant right now because I’m home all day long, so I should have lots of time to do this sort of thing before the Husband gets home from work. However, this has not been the case.

It’s a complete mystery to me why I’m incapable of finishing a blog post during the day, but I always find myself on the computer at 10pm trying to finish a post for the next day. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?!

I have gotten better about not constantly checking Twitter or Facebook at night, but every once in a while I find myself checking it, especially when I get a notification on my phone. I mean, seriously, those people who don’t immediately click on a new notification mystify me. I clearly have no such self-control. However, (generally) if I’m out and about, I leave my phone in my purse and rarely check it. Hence the complete lack of pictures on this little blog… oops. But, at least I’m living in the moment, right?!

So anyway, this particular goal is a bit easier this week because the Husband and I are headed to Boston soon and I probably won’t be near my phone much anyway. But, for the next week (and hopefully longer!) I’m really going to intentionally try to finish up all of my ‘technology’ stuff during the day so that at night I can spend more time with the man I’m married to. 

Makes sense, right?!

I’m hoping this little change leads to more relaxing nights, wine drinking, and some deeper conversations than we’ve had time for over the past few weeks. Or, it could just allow us to actually watch a TV show/movie together instead of him watching it and me half-watching it while multi-tasking 80 million other things. Who knows where a small change could lead us and our relationship?!

We’ll see how this goes.

(After reading the other wives’/girlfriends’ goals in this linkup, it has occurred to me that my goal could have probably been ‘deeper’, but I figure I’ll start off light and then move into more advanced topics. I don’t think I’m ready for the ‘Wife 301’ course quite yet.)

Do you have any relationship goals you’re working on right now!?

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