Crossing things off my ‘never have I ever’ list.

This weekend we had a very nice little typical summer weekend.

We saw my family, we saw the Husband’s family, and now I feel (mostly) caught up with everyone. We also spent all day Saturday at our friend’s river house, which was an amazing time for all. (Or at least it was an amazing time for me, so I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone else had fun, too).

I even rode (and drove) a jet ski for the first time, so that was fun!

Of course, every time I even got remotely near to a boat, the Husband (who was riding on the back) started becoming a ‘back seat driver’ and that was a bit irritating. (This is also why I avoid even driving our car!) 

Him: “Uhhh Lisa, which way are you going to go around this boat?”

Me: “That boat is a quarter mile away!”

You get the picture.

We also drank some beers, laid out on the dock, ate lots of yummy food, and took a ride down the river on their boat.

Summer perfection, that’s what it was!

Off we go! (These pics were obviously taken before I had to hang on to Erin for dear life).

Now, while riding a jet ski is not necessarily the most challenging (mentally or physically or emotionally) of firsts, this little event made me think of how many life firsts I’ve had so far, and specifically about ‘firsts’ I’ve had that were challenging for me. There have been quite a few things on my ‘bucket list’ that I never thought I’d be able to cross off, but they’ve (somehow) gotten accomplished in my first 27 (or so) years, such as:

  • Finishing my first marathon
  • Quitting a job 
  • Joining a CrossFit gym
  • Flying to Europe by myself
  • Getting a tattoo (and then a couple more)
  • Doing the whole online dating thing
  • Owning a dog
  • Letting go of a friendship that I knew wasn’t good for me
  • Touring a city (or cities) by myself (especially challenging because I didn’t speak the language!)
  • Traveling abroad in China without knowing anyone else going
  • Convincing a man to marry me
  • … And then surviving the wedding planning and wedding

I’m sure there are many, many, many more things I could think of, but those are what immediately stand out to me.

What life firsts have you had recently?!

Cheers to trying and exploring new things!

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