It’s Friday but feels like a Thursday… victory dance!

Well this week was pretty short for me and the Husband… I guess long weekends will do that to a girl! I’m definitely not complaining, though. Plus, I was able to fill out a few more job applications over the last few days, so I was feeling quite productive, overall. 

We spent this week hanging out, volunteering, and eating delicious food. Life is so, so good and we are beyond blessed!

But it is Friday after-all, so let’s get on with the Friday Four! (But I’ll leave you with this song, so that you can picture Miley twerking while you’re reading this post. You’re very welcome).

WOP by J Dash ft. Flo Rida on Grooveshark

4 Favorite Things:

  • Ebates – I don’t talk about this enough, but I’ve made quite a few bucks off this little site. And, when I don’t remember to use this I always kick myself later! Basically, it’s a site that lets you get cash back for almost every online purchase you make. It’s super simple, so definitely sign your booty up! (I promise, you’re going to be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner).
  • Serving (with the Husband). This week our small group got together for a few hours to help clean and organize a church that is newly merging with our church. We had a great time together, but more importantly, we got a lot done in only a few hours! Although, God seems to have a sense of humor because my assigned ‘task’ was to wash lots of dishes… and I had just been lecturing the Husband about how I am absolutely not going to continue washing all of our dishes each and every night. Mmmhmm. 
  • Enjoying meals with my family. My dad had a last-minute trip into the city on Thursday evening and I was super happy to be able to spend time with him before he headed back to the ‘burbs.
  • Dark and Stormy Mules. You know how I’m obsessed with Moscow Mules? Well, now I’m extra-obsessed with the dark and stormy version.

4 Confessions:

  • Sometimes I use books from the bookstore like library books and return them once I’m finished. I’m not sure if this is morally okay or not, since I make sure I return them in near-perfect condition. I even make sure I don’t open the book too wide so that the spine remains as good as new.
  • I always get headaches when i wear ponytails / top knots / etc. why does no one talk about this?! How do you solve this heavy-hair problem?!
  • I keep buying clothes that are ‘hand wash only’ and i don’t know why i do this to myself! I don’t even know how to hand wash clothes, darn it.
  • I sucked at CrossFit this week. I only went once because I was a wuss and really didn’t want to do the workouts on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll blame it on the fact that my period just started (is that a valid excuse for sucking at a workout?!) but really I just feel horribly lazy.

4 Favorite Links Articles:

4 Posts I Wrote This Week:

  • (No post!)
  • It turns out that eating cheese grits every day will cause me to gain 5 lbs in 3 days. (Tues)
  • Slowing down and smelling the flowers (because there are so many things to be thankful for!) (Wed)
  • I’m failing at being a Housewife. (Thurs)

Featured Blog:

One of my favorite things about sponsoring blogs is that I get to ‘meet’ bloggers who I may not have heard of before! One of these bloggers is the lovely Serena at Spillerena. I knew right away that this was a blogger I was going to be seriously jealous of, in the best and most friendliest of ways. I mean, not only is she gorgeous, but this lady lives in one of my favorite cities in the world, San Francisco (check out the view out of her kitchen window!). Although, Serena and I may need to agree to disagree on whether Chicago or San Fran is deserving of the tile ‘Best City in the USA’. 

And then, I found out that Serena’s wedding was featured in Style Me Pretty, and my friendly-envy just grew and grew! I mean, anyone who has a destination wedding is a girl (or guy) after my own heart, but to have one this freakin’ gorgeous?! Just stop, it makes the rest of us look bad! (But don’t really stop, I love the pictures and I’m hoping blog stalking will lead me to more and more).

Oh, and did I mention this lovely lady also enjoys traveling?! It turns out we both went to Oahu, Hawaii around the same time this year! But, Serena has also been to a few cities on my wish-list, such as Austin

And the final thing that I just love and respect about Serena’s blog is that she uses her blog as a way to document finding her passion in life. Well this is something else I can relate to, since I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul-searching lately, too! Her post on what she would do if she wasn’t afraid? Yes, yes and yes. 

OK guys, I could go on and on about why you should probably be following this blog (and Serena!), but you should definitely just check it out for yourself.


Cheers to another great week and to what should be a phenomenal weekend with loved ones!

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