There are certain types of cupcakes that can (and should) totally be eaten for breakfast.


Yesterday I made snickerdoodle cupcakes (from scratch) before noon.  This is the definition of success!  The wine in the picture is kind of a lie, because I drank it on Friday night while making lentil meatballs, but then I drank a lot of wine yesterday celebrating my dad’s birthday (and eating the cupcakes) so you see, it all works out.

As  bonus, our apartment was filled with smells of cinnamon.  Scrumptious.  And, as a second added bonus, everyone loved the cupcakes and I wasn’t forced to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner… which has happened a time or two before with baked goods.  I still lack some confidence in my baking abilities, so when people like my ‘creations’ I get pretty excited.

We spent yesterday at my dad’s house hanging out with family and eating pasta with shrimp and wine sauce and black bean soup and cheese and crackers and cupcakes… it really was my dream meal, and it wasn’t even my birthday!   A good time was had by all.

Today is a relaxing day in our house. I’m watching hockey, then plan on transitioning to football… I already went to the gym and had a massage and later we may even cook dinner.  The Husband has promised me quinoa burgers and I am quite excited!  Have I mentioned how much I really enjoy being married (to a man who cooks)?

Even our little monster is resting today. Even our little monster is resting today.

I hope everyone is having a very-wonderful weekend filled with all things happy and warm and delicious.

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