The internet and its infinite knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

This week I learned some random stuff:

  • That there are so many books I need to add to my ever-growing reading list  (Yes, I ordered two of these already)
  •  Which Senators opposed the Violence Against Women Act (what.the.heck)
  •  Where every single person lives in the United States (through a pretty nifty map picture)
  •  About a woman who killed 3 people in 2010 and her interesting past (one of the best articles I’ve read in a while)
  •  30 elephants are killed in Tanzania every day for their tusks.  This is especially sad because we were just there and the elephants were so fun to watch!  What a gentle and beautiful species.  Conservationists predict elephants could face extinction as early as 2020.  I can’t imagine a world without elephants.


May your weekend be filled with chocolate and alcohol!  (Combined!)

May your weekend be filled with chocolate and alcohol (Combined!)

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