‘Oh, I see your abdomen is larger than usual, you must be pregnant!’

Now that I’m in my mid late twenties, more and more friends of mine seem to be having awkward encounters involving NOT being pregnant. As in, acquaintances or strangers coming up to them and asking when they’re due, if they’re pregnant, etc… even though these ladies are not, in fact, pregnant. (So you can see how this is a bit awkward for everyone involved.) 

Even celebrities seem to consistently have this problem! How often do I see on the ‘news’ that so-and-so might be pregnant because they’re bloated/ate a sandwich/aren’t partying very much/etc? 

I see it all the freakin’ time considering that most of the time these people are just living their lives and aren’t busy incubating a little human.

Anyway, to assist everyone involved, I’ve decided to create a little guide of:

kate middleton pregnant



When you should NOT ask a woman if she’s pregnant:


  • When someone (especially newlyweds) say they have big news to share with you
  • When your friend who always drinks doesn’t order an alcoholic drink at the bar/restaurant
  • When you notice someone that you don’t see very often has gained some weight
  • … and you’re positive it’s only in their stomach 
  • When a good friend is super-skinny but is looking LESS skinny in her stomach and it’s very noticable
  • When you’re absolutely sure all signs indicate that someone is pregnant
  • When someone says they’re nauseous and they don’t appear to have the flu
  • When someone makes a life change (moves, quits a job, gets engaged, etc) rather suddenly
  • When a friend seems to be ‘glowing’
  • When a friend tells you about random food cravings they’ve been having
  • When someone mentions babies / baby names / baby clothes / a hypothetical future child / etc
  • When someone looks to be about 6 months pregnant and she’s rubbing her tummy
  • When you’re absolutely, 100% sure someone is pregnant but she has never told you that she is
  • When you heard (from a mutual acquaintance) that a woman is pregnant
  • When you see that a friend has 90 Pinterest boards dedicated to baby stuff


Basically, let’s just agree that unless someone says to you “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” (or the equivalent) or posts an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc for all the world to see (and it’s not April 1st), you should NOT ask if they are pregnant or (even worse!) assume they are.

Not if you’re 100000% certain.

Not if it looks like she’s due next week!

Just don’t ask.

(Did that totally sound like a few lines from a Dr. Seuss story?!)

I think this is especially important because some couples are struggling with infertility or miscarriages or whatever and this seemingly harmless (albeit embarrassing/offensive) question could be really hurtful to someone. Or a woman might be pregnant and not be ready to share her great news with the everyone yet.

I mean, chances are, if a woman IS pregnant and she’d like you to know, she will mention it during the conversation and then you can be as nosy as you please after that!

Did I miss anything in my ‘guide’?! Has this ever happened to you?!


Cheers to avoiding awkward moments!

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