This week I ate an entire apple pie, and it was delicious.

This week was a good week. Not because it was special, but because it was so very normal. I had two interviews (please cross your fingers and your toes for me! I’m ready for the unemployed season of my life to be over!) and I enjoyed nights with church groups and friends and the Husband. We cooked some dinners and drank some wine and walked our dog, and life was good!

And now it’s Friday, so things are looking even better! Plus, we get to dog-sit this weekend. I just hope Ozzie is okay with meeting his new BFF. (He suffers from only child syndrome. I blame his parents owners.)

Onto Friday Fours!

lazy sunday

This family is ready for a lazy weekend!



4 Favorite Things:

  • New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Rainy days spent indoors.
  • Quinoa ‘burgers’. (The Husband seriously makes the best ones ever. But then again, I’m biased)
  • Any brightly colored hard candies. (Sprees, Runts, etc.) This does NOT include Skittles, because those are chewy and I don’t actually like them.

4 Confessions:

  • I wrote a blog post on Thursday, but it wasn’t until 4pm and by then I decided it’d be better just to save it until another day… Is it better to publish a blog post late or to skip a day?
  • I had a job interview on Thursday and so I straightened my hair. Of course, while I was on the train, it started to rain. Needless to say, my hair looked a mess, but I left it as-is, because I was determined to wear my hair down for the interview, darn it. As soon as I got home, I put my hair up and realized I should have worn it that way the entire time because as it was, I looked like a hot mess. UGH.
  • I suck at self-promotion. Someone teach me to be great!
  • On a related note… I really want to advertise my blog more but for like… free. (Darn this no job thing!)

4 Links Articles:

4 Posts I Wrote This Week:

  • This weekend I learned a bit about fighting. (Mon)
  • Snapshot of life in October (Tues)
  • Some thoughts about transparency. (Wed)
  • No Post! (Thurs)

Featured Blog:

Tossing the Script blog

I’m extra excited to introduce you to my featured blogger this week! I mean, all of my sponsors are beyond great, but I think reading this blog is pretty much mandatory so I’m excited to be able to share it with all of my readers! Please ‘meet’ Rachel, from ‘Tossing the Script.’ 

I’m going to go ahead and list the top 9 reasons I love following Rachel and her blog.

// Let’s start at the beginning: ‘Tossing the Script’ as a blog title? I wish I would have thought of it myself! Perfection.
// Rachel lives in Portland, which just so happens to be one of the cities on my ‘I must visit’ list.
// This brave post, which also happens to be the very first post on her blog.
// This is one of the very best posts I’ve ever read in my life. I insist you read it. Immediately.
// Rachel doesn’t believe in ‘traditional’ dieting, and I don’t either. 
// I can relate to this post about listening to/trying to ignore the ‘meanie’ on my shoulder.
// Basically, Rachel writes some of the best introspective & body image posts I’ve ever read and I can’t wait to read even more.
// She listens to (some nerdy) podcasts.  I’m always up for a great podcast recommendation, so I especially appreciate this about her! 
// Rachel seems like one of the sweetest, most authentic and inspiring bloggers out there, and that’s really the only thing I look for when I’m adding a blog to my list of ‘daily reads’.

And of course, feel free to stalk follow her (and her blog!) on Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Cheers to another Friday!

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