Wanted: a helpful elf.

I really need a little elf that can do all holiday tasks for me. 

I mean, I want to do it all myself, I really do, but how in the world does everyone else find time to do it all?! (This is a serious question!)

If I hired a little elf, he would be tasked with:

  • Decorating the tree.
  • … Wait … first he would need to buy the tree.
  • And set up the tree.
  • Then he could decorate the tree.
  • Hang some stockings.
  • String up some lights.
  • Make a list of people to buy gifts for.
  • Buy those people the gifts.
  • And wrap the gifts.
  • And go to the post office to assist in delivering gifts.
  • Create holiday cards.
  • Bake Christmas cookies and make fudge.
  • Buy Ozzie a Santa hat to take adorable pictures in.
  • And remember to actually take the pictures.
  • Etc. Etc.

I think I’d also ask my elf to create my wedding and honeymoon photo albums… because it was my goal to have those finished by our first year anniversary (in November) and then (when they weren’t completed by November), it was my goal to finish them by New Years… but to be honest, I’m facing reality now, and those things are not getting done.

It’s a 2014 resolution for sure.


I swear, I used to be a functioning member of the ‘real world’ where I could work and get other things done… but somehow, those necessary skills have escaped me. Work is so busy I can’t even manage to check my Twitter, much less read blogs! (Horrors of horrors). Which is great, because my days fly by, but it’s awful, because my days fly by and darnit – CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

Although, this last weekend the Husband and I did manage to do some holiday activities (among other non-holiday themed fun).

See, we’re in the Christmas spirit, darnit!

In case you’re wondering what we did to entertain ourselves, I will tell you: We watched another Christmas movie (Family Stone); we went out to dinner with friends at a restaurant I had never been to before (Yoshi’s Cafe – it looks super casual from the outside but inside it is nicely decorated for Christmas and has absolutely delicious food); we went to an improv show (and it was pretty freakin’ funny); we braved the frigid temperatures (10 degrees WITHOUT the windchill) and went to the zoo with best friends to see the light display. As a perk, all of the zoo houses were open and we were able to spend quite a bit of time watching the monkeys. I really, really love monkeys. Plus, watching gorillas allowed us to warm up our feet! We also went out to brunch (twice! once with the in-laws) and then watched some football! Because honestly, what would a weekend be without brunch and football?! Don’t worry, the Bears won.

Anyway, all of this stuff was good and all (actually, it was quite fantastic) but I wasn’t able to cross many things off my ‘holiday list’ and so I’m feeling Scrooge-like going into this next week.

Wish me luck accomplishing everything that needs to get done in the next 8 days or so! (And really, I need direct prayers because I’m planning on doing some DIY magic on these gifts and things could get ugly… literally)


And tell me, how are you managing to get it all done this holiday season!? Are you struggling (like me) or do you have it under control?



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