Bounding through the snow without a snow suit.

It was a snowy, perfect weekend here in Chi-town, and we spent it doing wonderfully winter-ish things.

Part Puggle part… snow dog?


// The Husband and I ate dinner with some of our best friends, who are embarking on a new adventure to Portland, Oregon. We went to Hot Chocolate and drank… hot chocolate. I also ate mac & cheese and had a delicious vegan bean soup. Basically, it was an awesome dinner and I highly recommend this place for dessert, if not for an entire meal.

// We had dinner and drinks with some good friends at one of our favorite Mexican places in the city, Las Palmas. We sat right by the fire and it was perfect. Plus, I had scallops, and there are not many things in the world I love more than (perfectly prepared) scallops.

// We checked out my brother’s new apartment (and gave our approval, it’s an awesome place)!

// Ozzie did a lot of frolicking in the snow. He loves chasing a stick through the snow mounds and he only got ‘stuck’ once. He had the best time in the world out there (before it got super cold) and we had to practically bribe him to come back in the apartment again.

// We drank coffee and ate doughnuts on Sunday morning (because what else are Sunday mornings for?)

// We watched football and saw both Green Bay and the Bengals lose in heartbreaking losses. Sadly, I was cheering for both of those teams. Even though I appear to be bad luck, I refuse to take responsibility for these losses!

// We drove around a bit in the snow to run some errands and narrowly avoided getting our car stuck in our alley. Phew! I am thankful for our garage parking spot, that is for sure.





Was your weekend filled with winter fun or are you still enjoying sunshine?!




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