A quick January recap. (Spoiler alert: we did a lot of stuff)

Usually at the beginning of the month I write a ‘Currently’ post so I can kind of see the changes in my life over a month. But this year I think I’ll do a quick monthly recap post for each month instead. 

As an extra perk, this will make my yearly recap WAY easier. I mean, I may even do one in 2014, which would be a big deal indeed!

Anyway, let’s start the year off right with a nice little January recap, shall we?


In January we…

  • Celebrated the new year (2014 already? Eeek!) at a family wedding. I drank a few sips of champagne and some non-alcoholic fruity drinks and we danced and ate good food and spent time with family… it was perfect.

 NYE Wedding

  • Decided not to find out the gender of Baby B. until (s)he is born.
  • Picked out a baby room color. We went with this light green/neutral shade (below). I actually love it because it’s light enough to be neutral but I hope it’s easy to accent it with either coral or purple or blue… depending on the gender, of course!

 Benjamin Moore Veranda View paint color

  • Celebrated some birthdays, including my dad’s #58.
  • Survived some of the coldest days ever in Chicago, and one of the snowiest Januaries, as well.

snow puggle

  • Went on a special weekday date night to see the Broadway show/musical ‘Ghost’.
  • Heard Baby B’s heartbeat for the first time.
  • Signed the lease on a new apartment in a different part of town. Guys, this place even has a backyard! I am thrilled and Ozzie would be, too, if he understood these sorts of things.
  • Went to our first Blackhawks game of the season.


  • Decided on the ‘final’ two names for Baby B. One boy name and one girl name. Of course, we aren’t telling these to anyone because we don’t want opinions… and they could very easily change. We actually didn’t spend a lot of time discussing them, because I know I like them, the Husband agrees, and so the decision has been made! (Unless it hasn’t.)
  • Went to the Microsoft holiday party at the Field Museum (downtown Chicago), where I ate entirely too many desserts.
  • Booked two vacations (babymoons) to Charleston and Central Europe. We’re taking a long weekend trip to Charleston and Savannah in March and we’re going to be spending 12 days in Europe in April. We’re very, very excited! 2013 was a light traveling year for us, so I’m excited to get back into it a bit this year.
  • Said ‘see you soon’ to some of our very best friends who have left Chicago to embark on an adventure to the West Coast.
  • Spent time with family and friends and babies and each other and our little Monster.

  • Canceled my Crossfit gym membership. This was an especially hard decision but I just can’t justify the $200 per month when I barely go twice per week! Ughhh. Plus, the apartment we’ll be moving to is nowhere near the gym. Now I’m on a mission to figure out how to stay in shape for the remainder of this pregnancy. I can’t decide whether I’ll be working out from home / running or whether I’ll join a new gym. Decisions, decisions!

And now we’re already five days into February, eeeek! 

I’m extra excited for the Olympics, Valentine’s Day, seeing Baby B. at the 20 week ultrasound, and moving to our new place.

Send positive thoughts our way – we haven’t even started thinking about packing yet.


What was the absolute highlight of your January?!


Cheers (to the start of a new, but still snowy month in Chicago)!

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