Things I love: Stella & Dot (giveaway)

Well, I’m finally at that point where I’ve decided I shouldn’t really be spending a lot of money buying clothes. My belly is starting to get bigger and I’m not sure how long my ‘normal’ size is going to fit me. Ohhh pregnancy woes.

No, this has not stopped me from shopping completely, but it’s getting a bit more discouraging when I see a super-cute shirt that will probably soon be too-short-to-be-acceptable.

But all is not lost! Do you know what I do still love shopping for and that won’t be super-tight around my abdomen in a month or two?! 


Specifically, statement pieces. 

I’ve become more and more interested in ways to make my more ‘boring’ outfits come to life by adding accessories. This is especially important to me at this time when I want to look like a non-frumpy pregnant lady and then (in just 3.5 more months!) a non-frumpy new mama. Some of you may have figured this whole ‘accessorizing’ thing out like, years ago, but I’m a late bloomer – what can I say?

Thankfully, I have a friend (Laine!) who sells Stella & Dot jewelry, and I’m more than a little obsessed with every single item in their catalog. I wish I were exaggerating. So does my wallet.

Laine models her jewelry much better than I ever could. And there’s her husband making a cameo – oh hey, Shane!

I recently went to a trunk show that Laine hosted at her apartment and ended up with two pairs of earrings and a gorgeous necklace. More specifically, this gorgeous necklace.:

sutton necklace stella & dot

This is the necklace I bought! Evidently I could wear it five different ways, but I mainly switch between two.

I would seriously wear this thing but I’m pretty sure that takes away from the whole ‘statement’ piece thing so now I’m going to need to buy a few more necklaces… it’s a vicious and amazing cycle that I’m glad to be in.

sutton necklace stella & dot

This is clearly not the beginning of a career in fashion blogging!

 sutton necklace stella & dot

The Husband failed to mention the necklace was kind of twisted up. Sigh. He’s going to be fired as my photographer.

Back on topic, because it’s St Patty’s day weekend (and in Chicago we LOVE our St Patrick’s day weekend!), Laine is giving away these adorable green earrings to a (very lucky) reader. If you win them and would like to gift them to me, I wouldn’t say no. My birthday is coming up!

She’s also giving away a travel bag (perfect for makeup!) to another lucky reader! Oh, happy day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to shop the Stella & Dot store and receive 10% off any purchase, go here and get on it! (This is a virtual trunk show that Laine has set up for us!)

Good luck and happy shopping!

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