A call to celebrate!

Life is moving at a more and more rapid pace (signs I’m getting old…), and do you know what I’m realizing? It’s important to take a step back and celebrate the good times whenever possible. And I feel so convicted even typing that because there are plenty of times when I chose not to celebrate. Whether it be a friend’s birthday or a family member’s promotion or a new baby or engagement or elopement or whatever at all it is, I believe we should spend more time and energy sharing in these joyous occasions.

Sometimes I think it’s almost easier to be there for people when times get tough. We send flowers. We write quick notes of condolences. We check-in. We’re available to chat whenever…

And trust me, I’ve had some times in my life when I’ve been so, super thankful to people who have been there for me. 

But when times are happy, sometimes people tend to disappear a bit more, and I include myself among those ‘guilty’ of this charge. I think we assume that when times are good, our loved ones don’t need our support, because they’re already doing well! But here’s the thing, when everything in life is going swell, we still need our community around us.

It’s still nice to share the good times with those we love most.

I’ve realized this during our engagement and now again during our pregnancy: joy can definitely be multiplied when shared or lessened when other people aren’t interested in sharing in it (or at least giving that impression). The inverse is true of grief.

And realizing this has made me feel convicted over the times I haven’t been there for people.

There are bachelorette parties I haven’t attended. Bridal showers I was too busy to go to. Even weddings that didn’t fit into our budget and/or schedules. There have been birthday parties that we were too worn out to make an appearance at. etc, etc.

And I’m not saying we have to go to every single event that we get invited to – because sometimes our schedules (and/or budgets) really don’t allow for that to happen. But I do know this, sometimes in life there are ugly moments. And sad moments. And during those moments, we’re going to wish we had been there to celebrate the happy times with those same loved ones. 

We, as people, cannot thrive without community and the support of others – whether it be in good times or in bad.

I challenge you to make the effort to celebrate when life gives you the opportunity to!

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