I’m crossing ‘win a bridal shower game’ off my bucket list.

Let’s keep today short and sweet (as Mondays should be, right?!).

Two Martinis - summer weekend fun

This weekend included:

//  Dinner with friends at Mott Street, which is a restaurant I highly recommend. We ate on the patio, I had a delicious mocktail. We had seafood and the rest of the party had some great-looking meat dishes they thoroughly enjoyed and we even ate more doughnuts in honor of National Doughnut Day.

//  Watching Tim ride a mechanical bull at a small neighborhood carnival. He didn’t get thrown off – so we’ll call it a victory. We spent $20 and did not win any other games. The bump came in handy because the carnival people let me ‘practice’ the games for free. Success! There’s something about wandering around a carnival with corn dog stands and people chowing down on funnel cakes and playing games and riding dangerous-looking rides that really brings me back to my childhood/high school summer days. Gosh, that was over 10 years ago – Yikes.

//  A rooftop bridal shower for a good friend (and member of my women’s church group) who is getting married this summer and moving to Australia. It was the perfect day for an outdoor bridal shower. I even won a game (which never happens) because I happen to know far too many romantic movie lines. The game was to match 21 romantic movie lines with the movie each of them was from, and it may now be one of my favorite shower games ever. Not that I’m biased or anything. Tim always makes fun of me for not watching movies or remembering quotes, so I was extra proud of myself for winning. Overall, it was a lovely time catching up with friends and eating delicious food. I even got my first minor sunburn of the season!

//  Buying a dresser for Bumpy’s room. It’s all slowly but surely coming together – and it’s about time! I haven’t felt any need to nest until this past weekend, and I’m so glad that instinct finally kicked in – I was beginning to think it never would!

//  Orange is the New Black. OBVIOUSLY. Season 2 is not disappointing thus far, and I’m thoroughly impressed with myself for not binge watching it all in one sitting (like I did for Season 1…)

//  Breastfeeding class (part 2). And now we’re OFFICIALLY done with all classes related to Bumpy, so we’re ready to get this party started whenever (s)he decides (s)he’d like to make his/her appearance! Come on down, Bumpy, we’re waiting! (Just wait until after this weekend, please, we have a lot going on.)

//  A brunch date at Fork, at which I ate banana foster french toast and loved it. We spent the remainder of the afternoon holding hands and walking around and shopping a bit. I even bought a non-maternity dress because I am tired of buying baggy clothes, darnit! I just hope I fit into it in a few weeks, because of course I couldn’t try it on.


What was the highlight of your weekend?!


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