I’m the kind of tired only a weekend can cure.

This week started off a bit rough, but it was ultimately good for my soul. I’m constantly reminded what a blessing it is to have such wonderful people in my life, and after some prayer and introspection and encouragement from loved ones, I’ve recommitted to focusing on my own happiness, and to go after it with enthusiasm. For me, this means not sitting by passively, feeling sorry for myself that I’m ‘stuck at home’ with a baby. Instead, I’ll be consistently and intentionally (there’s that word again!) pursuing activities that bring me joy and fulfillment. 

This week was an exercise in that!

(This Week) I Kept Myself Busy By

… attending church group (x2!)

… being snowed in, which consisted of watching the snow fall and cars get stuck on the side street near our house. It also involved wine – quite a few glasses of wine.

… going to brunch with Tim and Clara at West Town Bakery & Diner.

… stuffing Clara in a snowsuit to enjoy the aforementioned snow. She wasn’t all that impressed, to be honest.

… eating Thai food with lady friends.

… talking to a few of my best girlfriends on the phone. I’m so lucky to have such encouraging people in my life and this week I needed that extra boost. 

… watching The Bachelor with friends. I’m so glad I wasn’t left to watch that super awkward episode alone… eek.

… volunteering with VITA. I even had the opportunity to try out my Spanish-speaking skills when a couple who came to the tax center only spoke Spanish. I was awful, but we managed to fill out their taxes!

(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • This commercial is not really trying to end mommy wars. (here)
  • Chicago had record-setting snow fall this past weekend. (here)
  • We are very, very small. (here)
  • MLK’s mother was assassinated, too. (here)
  • At one point The Washington Post interviewed a cow. (here)

(This Week) Clara

… is sleeping better. Of course she is, her daddy is home! (Last week, when she barely slept at all, Tim was out of town.)

… is loving peas.

… has figured out how to crawl. It isn’t pretty, but she can scoot forward on the floor and I think she’s rather pleased with herself.

… spent some time in the cold and has subsequently decided she’s a warm-weather type of girl.

… went out to brunch with her (awesome) parents and sat in a restaurant high-chair for the first time.

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • About my need for a morning routine. (Sun)
  • An honest post about some things/feelings I’ve been struggling with. (Mon)
  • A recommendation (and giveaway!) for a marriage book. (Tues)
  • A snow day post. (Wed)
I honestly cannot believe that it’s already time for another weekend – but obviously I’m thrilled. Tim was out of town a bit this week, too, and I cannot wait to have some time to hang out with my friends, watch Clara crawl, and snuggle with my man (and Ozzie). 

What was the highlight of your week? Is there anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?


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