It’s freakin’ freezing out there (my week in summary).

I’ve been a bit distracted this week. It’s been a cold one here in Chicago and this morning our pipes froze, depriving us of water for a few hours. There’s nothing worse than waking up and not being able to brush my teeth! Thank goodness for mouth wash. The rest of this week was filled with some yoga classes (3 of them!) and volunteering and spending time with Tim – the usual! Clara’s been a bit fussy because she’s cutting some teeth and it’s a painful process for all of us, but we’re getting through it!

In summary…

Candlelight Yoga

One of the more relaxing parts of my week was participating in a candlelight yoga class. It was exactly what my soul needed.

(This Week) I Kept Myself Busy By

  • … attending church group (x2!)
  • … volunteering at the tax site.
  • … getting my yoga on at a few different studios in the city.
  • … shopping a bit at Lululemon. Confession: I had never purchased anything for myself from there before, but I had gift cards to spend and I’m so happy with my purchases! (I bought these, and this and this)
  • … going out to eat with my main man at De Cero to get some margaritas and tacos. 
  • … watching way too many hours of The Bachelor. And also the SNL reunion show.

(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • A bit about the Men’s Rights Movement (yes, this is a thing). “…he is entirely possessed by the idea that it is men like him who bear the true brunt of society’s hatred and that it is they, not the feminists or the statists or the faithful, who see the true extent of this structural injustice.” (here)
  • How to move away from perfectionism. (here)
  • There’s a better kind of happiness out there. (here)
  • A little about ignoring sunk costs when it comes to love. (here)
  • How to overcome distractions. (here)

(This Week) Clara

  • … got yet another tooth. This teething process is brutal.
  • … is getting braver and is exploring different rooms of the house.
  • … is moving faster and attempting to chase Ozzie.
  • … has been on a bit of a nursing strike, and especially doesn’t want a bottle.
  • … is still attempting to chew every cord she can get her hands on.

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • That I’m striving for a closer relationship with God during this Lenten season. (Wed)
  • About starting Clara on solid foods. (Tues)
I hope you each had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend!


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