What a week!

This week was a great week, which I say all of the time – because it’s true! This week spring has sprung and my mood has improved with the rising temperatures. I think I speak for all Chicagoans when I say we’re far more pleasant when the temps finally rise above 40 degrees. Or even 30 degrees. I finally feel like I’m hitting my groove in terms of getting out and about and socializing with moms and non-moms and with Clara and without Clara. I also feel like volunteering has saved my sanity, and so has working out.

I like to think I’m a SAHM who doesn’t stay at home a whole lot – and I feel like I’ve found a balance that is working for me and my family right now.

(This Week) I Kept Myself Busy By

  • … hosting friends for dinner (we ate taco soup!).
  • … attending my moms church group.
  • … volunteering at the tax site for a few hours on Tuesday & Thursday.
  • … going to a few yoga classes – including Beyonce Flow Yoga, which I loved.
  • … starting sleep training with Clara, AGAIN.
  • … enjoying a play date and mom time with a new friend.
  • … eating way too much food at Gather during date night. If you live in Chicago and haven’t gone to Gather, go immediately! 
  • … getting a pedicure with some other new moms at a girls night out at the salon Glowout. Our night involved champagne and cheese and crackers and discussing our babies – of course!

(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • There are reasons not to ‘help’ babies walk. (While I was originally tempted to disregard this, I have been helping Clara walk for about a week now and I’m going to stop immediately because now it’s all she wants to do and she has stopped wanting to crawl and play independently. So I definitely see the truth to this piece.) (here)
  • I shouldn’t be staring at my phone in bed. (I felt convicted as I watched this clip at 11:30pm. Whoops.) (here)
  • A perspective about what rich, wealth, and success look like. (here)
  • Horrifically, people with albinism are being targeted and mutilated by witch doctors in Tanzania, because it’s believed their bodies have healing properties. (here)
  • True courtesy will instinctively check faddish manners at the door in the interest of kindness — which is the root from which the entire family tree of courteous behavior, from the noble Egyptian’s papyrus on, has sprung. (here)

(This Week) Clara

  • … has so many teeth I’ve lost track.
  • … only wants to stand, no sitting for this girl.
  • … is crawling like a champ.
  • … didn’t bite my nipples as much as last week – thank goodness.
  • … is being forced to drop her third nap to preserve my sanity.
  • … hasn’t really tried any new foods because her parents are kind of lazy in that department – whoops.
  • … turned 8 months old (today, actually).

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • About choosing not to add negative emotions where they don’t need to be. (Mon)
  • A quick post including an excerpt I read and loved. (Wed)
I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with family time, friend time, church time, and maybe even some quiet time!


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