What I read from around the web.

| I solved this and felt really proud of myself: (here)
Cheryl's Birthday Word Problem

| Evidently, I’m following too many fashion bloggers (or just bloggers in general) on Instagram. I thought this was so true – and hilarious! (eg. 1. “You get confused when you sit down to a meal because you’re not seeing it from an aerial perspective.”) (here)

| “These people are far too rare—or at least, they do not get enough recognition. Instead, it seems ingrained in us to desire and appreciate the praise and the admiration of others. And because of that, many people will compromise greater and more worthwhile pursuits for the facade of temporal, worldly success.” (here)

| “There was such an outpouring of grief when he announced he was stepping down, that he mused on air the following day, ‘Did I die?’ Even the normally dispassionate New Yorker magazine claimed, under the headline Jon Stewart, We Need You In 2016, ‘the last hope for bringing some rationality to the 2016 Presidential field died’. Not since Oprah Winfrey announced her retirement from network television has a US TV host’s departure received such international coverage, but Stewart bridles when I make the Winfrey comparison: ‘If Oprah can leave and the world still spins, I honestly think it will survive me.'” (here)

| “All this got me thinking: Maybe the world would be a better place if all entrepreneurs think of social good as part of their business plan. But until that utopia arrives, maybe the phrase “social entrepreneur” is the best way to describe … social entrepreneurs.” (here)

Have you read anything this week that made you stop and think?

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