Two random happenings.

Random happening #1:

Am I the only person who hates getting clothes altered? I might be. I know that clothing looks way better when it fits perfectly, but I just hate paying the extra $15 to make something fit, especially now, since my body has changed so freakin’ much within the past year and I’m just waiting for it to change again. Anyway, I recently bought a skirt online that just didn’t fit at all once I tried it on, so off to the dry cleaners I went.

Shoshanna Jackie Midi Skirt

Skirt (post-alterations): Shoshanna // Shoes: thrifted

Mistake #1: I wore a dress to the dry cleaners, even though I was going to need to try on a skirt. Rookie mistake.

I awkwardly tried on the skirt and held up my dress so the alterations lady could pin the waist in. Everything was going really well and the lady doing the alterations told me that it wouldn’t be that hard to remove and reattach the zipper in order to make the skirt a few sizes smaller. Phew.

I told her I would probably gain a few pounds back, as I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight right now, but she seemed unconcerned and told me I didn’t need to leave extra room in the skirt. Whatever you say, alterations lady!

Well, after we decided on the size-to-be of the skirt, I turned around to walk back into the dressing room and for reasons completely unknown to me, the alterations lady decided to assist me by unzipping my skirt in one swift motion.

Mistake #2: I was wearing a thong.

I tried pulling my dress down over the skirt/my butt but the dress just got stuck with the skirt and I’m quite certain the alterations lady saw far more than she wanted to of my bottom half as I waddled/hustled back into the changing room.


Lesson learned: Wear a shirt and bottoms when going to get clothing altered and wear full-coverage underwear, just in case.

Random happening #2:

We are huge hockey fans in this house (let’s go Blackhawks!) and Tim was growing a playoff beard to prove it. To help the team win or something. I mean, I get it in theory, but I do not like Tim with that much facial hair.

So, one day as a nice surprise for me, he shaved off the playoff beard in the shower. (Don’t worry, the ‘Hawks still won and they’re in the Stanley Cup finals!)

Well, Clara and I didn’t know this whole shaving thing was happening.

She was crying at the door to the bathroom while Tim was in there shaving, so I let her crawl in there, thinking nothing of it.

Well, she was not happy.

I wanted to get her clean after an especially messy lunch, so I handed her to Tim in the shower and she screamed. She wanted nothing to do with Tim at all. She only wanted to get back to me. It was actually kind of heartbreaking. Clara doesn’t mind strangers at all, but evidently she does not like taking showers with strangers.

Obviously, the shower was very, very quick.

Later that day, Clara stared at Tim for hours, not knowing who he was. She clung on me and refused to let him hold her… it was really strange!

I, of course, kind of loved it. I mean, I was finally the favorite parent for once!

Now, since Clara has clearly warmed up to him again after a few days, I (jokingly) refer to Tim as ‘Daddy #2’ and tell him that now we know how quickly she warms up to new men in her life, should I ever need to replace him.

He loves when I say things like this.

Lesson learned: Next time Tim grows a beard (hopefully it will never happen again, but I don’t think I’m that lucky) he’s going to let Clara watch him shave it off, so she understands her daddy didn’t go anywhere and get replaced by a new (better looking), bare-faced man. I really wonder what goes on in that brain of hers…

So that’s what’s been going on here! Are there any share-worthy moments that have happened in your life recently?

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