First impressions of Seattle – one week in.

I cannot even believe that it’s been a week since we’ve arrived in Seattle. Time has flown by and I wanted to share some highlights and lowlights and general first impressions of our time here thus far.

  • We were told that it doesn’t rain in Seattle, it mists. Let me tell you, it was pouring rain for at least a few minutes this past weekend! Maybe that’s not the norm… but it was definitely Chicago-like rain.
  • This past Sunday we found a church that we really liked. The message was great, the people were friendly and helpful, and Clara loved the nursery. The thing is, Clara never loves the church nursery. Ever. She always comes back to us with puffy red eyes and is super clingy after service. However, at this service we didn’t get called to ‘rescue’ her early, and when we finally did go to pick her up, we saw her being held by one of the adults, pointing out everything on the walls to him. When she saw us she didn’t cry, but instead happily waved. We were in shock. Then she blew kisses to everyone and her good mood continued for hours after the church service. It was amazing. I’m not sure if they drugged her, gave her chocolate, or explained Jesus’ love for her in a whole new way, but I am a big fan of whatever it was.
  • I found a doughnut place that is more-than-acceptable and going there will be our new Sunday tradition. Especially while the pumpkin old-fashioned is in season.

Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle

I almost finished this doughnut before I realized I should take a pic of this life-changing event… My first time eating at Top Pot doughnuts!

  • I’m so thankful that I was able to spend time with one of my best high school friends (and her boyfriend) who happened to be in town over the weekend!
  • I was also thankful that Tim’s coworker invited us over for lunch on Sunday. It was great meeting him, his wife, and their two adorable kiddos.
  • People are friendly here. Like, really friendly. It’s wonderful and welcoming and I love that when I go to a park I’m easily able to strike up a conversation with other moms.
  • There are a lot of trees here and they are tall (and colorful).
  • Ohhhh the rental market. I apologize to everyone who had to listen to me *complaining* (pretend that’s a more emphatic word) about our experience. Basically, it’s a rough time of year to find a rental property, in my opinion. Granted, we’re looking for a specific type of place, but I assumed we would easily find something, even if we had to pay a bit more than we wanted to. Well, if we wanted to pay twice as much as our budget would allow, we would be able to find something, but we looked for days and days and found nada. Zilch. Finally, (by the grace of God) we found a home today and we’ll be getting the keys by this weekend and the stars have finally aligned. We were really frustrated yesterday because we applied for a place and were denied because even though the owners said they would allow dogs, they didn’t actually mean it. (Booooo.) But, Tim and I knew God had something different in store for us, and today we toured (and signed a lease for) a place that might not be perfect, but we feel confident will work. SO, we’ll be moving in… well, at some point. We have some painting to do first. This will be our first house project and I hope we survive it. I blame the massive amounts of HGTV we’ve been watching for us thinking that we can tackle a fixer-upper as a rental. Pray for us.
  • In the meantime our family is staying in corporate housing, and it is surprisingly nice! It’s in the suburbs (Bellevue) so it isn’t my ideal location, but the apartment is big and modern and quiet and we really can’t complain since it’s free.
  • Everyone puts bacon in their clam chowder. I know this isn’t just a Seattle thing, but here there is so much clam chowder and it all has bacon in it!
  • As a part of our apartment adventures, Tim and I have decided that we’re going to use part of the property as an Airbnb space. Does anyone have any tips?! (Whether you’ve stayed in one or have hosted one? I would love your thoughts!)

Green Lake - Seattle

  • There is so much green space here. I love the parks and playgrounds and just how lovely everything is. Clara loves looking at the crows (there are also a lot of crows here, evidently) and the sky and the tall trees… it’s really wonderful watching her be amazed by nature.

That’s what I have for now. I’m sure there are a bijillion more things that have been running through my mind, but this mama is tired and needs to get back to watching HGTV to lift my spirits from that awful, awful series the Cubs just lost. I mean, it was really bad.

How has your week been?! Don’t forget to leave me any Airbnb tips you may have!

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