A Naptime Blog Rebrand

My original intention was to wait until the weekend to officially re-brand this little blog from ‘Two Martinis’ to ‘Naptime Chai‘. However, patience is not a gift of mine and when Rachel sent me the incredible new design, I just had to install it right away.

My goal was to sit down during Clara’s naptime and work on installing the entire design at once, but as fate would have it, she woke up 90 minutes early and I only got partially done and had to wait until Tim got home from work to do the rest of it.


Basically, envision me trying to eat dinner while simultaneously figuring out HTML code and frantically typing on my laptop, while Clara climbed on my back screaming “LOVE YOU!!!!!”

So if you were one of the people who saw my half-finished site yesterday, now you know why. I apologize for a little bit of chaos, but now it should be (mostly) complete – YAY!

I know there are still some things I need to fix with the general re-brand, but I’m so, so happy with how the blog design looks right now.

Now, about the name change.

Obviously I stuck with the beverage theme, because I do love my beverages! There is a very special place in my heart for the name ‘Two Martinis’ because that was the start of everything. When Tim took me out on our first date I drank two martinis, and the rest is history. I consider two martinis to very much be a part of our love story.

However, now our love story involves one toddler and a soon-to-be newborn and I was afraid that the title ‘Two Martinis’ seemed a little too boozy for a blog that discusses a lot of things about pregnancy and motherhood. And although these topics do make me want to drink many, many martinis, I didn’t want to confuse potential readers.

I resisted the change for as long as I could, but the time had come!

The name ‘Naptime Chai’ came about because…

  1. I love Chai tea lattes
  2. I always make myself a tea in the morning, and then I never get a chance to drink it until Clara goes down for a nap. This is pretty symbolic of my life as a stay-at-home mom… I wake up with an organized list of things to get done and then end up pushing everything off until those few hours of freedom in the middle of my day.

‘Naptime Chai’ symbolizes the span of time in my day in which I get to do things other than be a mom – like write this blog, read, watch Ellen, chat with friends, cross things off my to-do list… all while drinking (lukewarm) tea! 

While I embrace the moments that I get to spend with my daughter, I also embrace the moments I get to spend by myself and really being myself, and I hope my writing encourages other moms (and women, in general!) to do the same.

Goodbye ‘Two Martinis’ and hello ‘Naptime Chai’!

As a sidenote: The content of this blog isn’t going to change (well, I’m sure it will continue to evolve, but I’m not intentionally changing my approach to any posts I may write). 

A huge thank you to Rachel (of ‘Oh Simple Joys’) who designed the various elements of this new design. She was professional, efficient, affordable, creative, friendly… you should definitely consider hiring her if you’re looking to redesign your blog.

Thanks for your continued support!

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