Reasons My (Almost) Two Year Old Isn’t Sleeping

I used to think our days of sleep training were over. Because I was a fool. It turns out the 2 year old sleep regression is a real thing.

Why My 2 Year Old Isn't Sleeping

Reasons My (Almost) Two Year Old Isn’t Sleeping

+ It’s difficult adjusting to having a little sister.
+ She lost her baby doll’s pacifier.
+ She found her baby doll’s pacifier but it’s on the floor.
+ She climbed out of the crib to get the pacifier and now can’t get back in.
+ She climbed back in the crib, with the pacifier, and wants to let me know that she gave the baby doll her pacifier.
+ She has to poop.
+ She has to pee.
+ She needs her daddy to hug her.
+ She needs her mommy to hug her.
+ She’s too hot.
+ She’s getting molars and growing teeth is hard.
+ She wants to read one more book.
+ She’s worried about what Ozzie is doing.
+ She doesn’t want to wear pants.
+ She doesn’t want to wear her underwear.
+ She doesn’t want to wear her shirt.
+ She took all of her clothes off and wants them back on.
+ She tried taking her clothes off and got her sweatshirt stuck around her waist and is now uncomfortable.
+ She wants to eat.
+ She wants milk.
+ She wants water.
+ She wants to read to her baby doll.
+ She needs her baby doll to have a blanket, too.
+ Her baby doll needs to go potty.
+ She’s too busy yelling “MOMMY, PLEASE COME IN!” “MOMMY, WHERE ARE YOU?”
+ She’s reading a book (out loud) in the dark.

And the list goes on and on. The other night she climbed out of her crib and stopped crying, so we assumed she had fallen asleep on the floor or on her chair (not ideal, but at least she was sleeping and quiet!). Tim went in to move her back to her crib after about 30 minutes, and he didn’t see her in the crib or anywhere else in the room. He told me he started to panic and then saw her – fast asleep – ON TOP OF HER DRESSER.

We have no idea how she got up there, especially in the dark. We have no idea if she got stuck and so just fell asleep or if she wanted to sleep up there and so decided to climb on up. We’re quite proud of our ninja baby, but a little worried, too. The girl has no fear!

I’m sure there will be a whole new list of reasons she isn’t sleeping tomorrow… she always comes up with something new!

Toddlers are so fun. (I mean it. But I’m also rolling my eyes.)

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