An oh-so-deep post about The Bachelorette

Confession: I started watching The Bachelor(ette) a few years ago solely because I wanted to join in my coworkers’ conversations on Tuesday morning. Peer pressure, I tell ya. Well, I’m still watching it but my new ‘coworkers’ don’t watch TV yet, so I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you guys instead. Here we go.



My (very deep) thoughts during The Bachelorette:

– As soon as I saw that Wells was the one going on the one-on-one date, I knew he was a goner. I mean, he still hasn’t kissed JoJo yet?! Of course I knew that, but I was feeling so awkward during their date. And if I was feeling awkward, I can only imagine how they were feeling. And did you see that cheek kiss?! Ugh, just ugh.

– Speaking of their date, I had the chance to see Fuerza Bruta in NYC, and it was the craziest thing ever! I honestly will never, ever forget it. Watching the date brought back such fond memories. Plus I was insanely jealous they got to play on that sheet of water… It was like a sexy slip n’ slide! I want to do that, darnit.

– Oh Buenos Aires, how I love thee! Tim and I visited BA (and our good friends who were living there) in 2013, right after we found out we were pregnant with Clara. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to drink the wine during our trip! The group date was pretty laid back this time, which I liked. And I guess I’m glad James T made that soccer ‘goal’, but I don’t think that goalie was trying too hard, to be honest.

– Luke… Can he just win already? I think I should probably go ahead and tell Tim that if something tragic should befall him and if Luke decided he was super into short moms with two babies under two years old, I would be okay dating him. I mean, me and JoJo are basically the same person so I’m sure Luke would be able to move on from her and start dating me immediately. I can only assume that Tim will feel relieved knowing that I’ll be taken care of.

– Whhhy did James feel like he needed to talk to JoJo about James? It was such a desperation move and I do not approve and now I’m over James and I’m sure JoJo is, too. And then of course we need to watch the confrontation between James and Jordan and watching guys bicker is not my idea of entertainment. Or maybe it is, actually, because here I am still watching this show.

– Since Derek and Chase are both on my fantasy team (oh yes, of course I participate in a competitive Bachelorette league), I am not thrilled that they went on a two-on-one date. Going into it, I assumed Chase would come out victorious (and I was right), not that it matters, because neither of them are going to end up with JoJo at the end. My prediction is Robby and Luke as the final two.

– I wanted Alex and James to both go home, but instead neither of them went home! I was actually surprised with how the episode ended, but I guess we’ll just see at least one of them leave next week. I wonder if she’ll give Alex the coveted one-on-one date…

In short, I was pretty satisfied with this episode, but I can’t help but still think that JoJo’s cast of men leaves a lot to be desired. I like Luke and Robby but the rest of them… meh. However, this won’t stop me from continuing to watch, because I am committed, darnit.

Did you see the episode? What are your thoughts?

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