Mom confessions.

I can almost hear you thinking to yourself “gee, it’s Wednesday and my brain is barely functioning so I hope Lisa writes another bullet-pointed list instead of a full blog post!”

In which case, you’re in luck! My brain is also barely functioning today (but thank you for your assistance vanilla sweet crème cold brew from Starbucks) so a bullet-pointed blog post it shall be.

Mom Confessions

+ I make Tim come with me to every single doctor appointment (for the girls) because I just can’t do the shot thing by myself.  Although, yesterday Clara got one shot and Isabelle got three and it went surprisingly well! However, Isabelle is still feeling quite a bit sore today, poor baby.

+ I have no idea when Isabelle was last bathed. Last week? The week before? No clue.

+ I am the opposite of a germ-aphobe and Clara has had less than five colds in her entire life. Coincidence? I think not! (Well, at least this is what I tell myself when I see her licking park equipment and I have no energy to even try to stop her.)

+ I truly find joy in being a stay-at-home mom. It’s so hard, but I know that no other job would be as rewarding to me (at this point in the girls’ lives). If I was sitting in a boring meeting in corporate America, I just know that I would be wishing that I was spending time with my little ladies instead. However, I do hope to get back to work one day when the girls are in school. Actually, if I’m being totally honest, the thought of sitting in a room with AC and no children sounds pretty glorious some most days.

+ I just signed Clara up for swim lessons and paid a lot of money for them. A LOT. I’ve never felt like more of a mom.

+ People told me that it would get easier to have two kids 21 months apart after three months or so. Those people were lying to me. It has not gotten easier! I’ll let you know if next month is any better… stay tuned.

+ Clara spoiled us rotten when she was a baby. Everyone commented about how easy she was and we had no clue if it was true or not because we had no one to compare her to. WELL Isabelle is NOT an easy baby so now I appreciate how easy Clara really was. Being the mom to a fussy baby is hard! Thankfully, Isabelle recently found her thumb and learned to roll over so she’s much more content as of the last month or so. Once babies are able to self-soothe life is so much happier for everyone involved. Meaning for me and Tim. And probably Isabelle, too.

+ Two years (plus a month or so) into this motherhood thing, I still don’t know how to do Clara’s hair in a way that makes her look even remotely put together. Her hair continues to be wild (just like her personality).

+ Some days I count down the minutes until Tim gets home… starting at 8:30am.

+ I still struggle to feel like myself most days. I barely remember who the pre-kids Lisa is. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get her back… I remember she was less tired!

And with that I’m going to spend the rest of Clara’s naptime writing a to-do list of all of the things that need to get done in the next two weeks. Yikes. Wish me luck.

We’re halfway through the week! We can do this!

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