The next day.

I’m in complete disbelief over the results of this election and I’ll need a while to process everything.

Thoughts on the 2016 election results

But this is what I know right now.

I know that in my household, love, kindness and acceptance will always win.

I know that we, as a nation, have some work to do.

I know that progress takes time and eventually we will elect a female president.

I know that I will be praying for our country (even more than usual).

I know that I am disappointed and fearful going forward and I hope this isn’t warranted.

I know that I will continue to raise my girls to be strong, independent, bold women who will make a difference in our world, in whichever ways they choose to do so. I know that I will continue to teach them that they are not better or worse than any other person. I know that I will teach them (by example) to be optimistic and faithful and to look to God for direction in their choices.

I know that right now I feel confused about the country I live in, and the countrymen I live among, but I will still wake up day after day and do my best and hope and pray others (especially our leaders) will do the same.

Sending everyone hugs. We all need hugs.

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