Links worth clicking on.

Our whole family was taken down by a nasty stomach bug last week(end), and all I can say is thank goodness that whole ordeal is over! But, if there is a silver lining to the whole thing, it’s that we all got some extra rest! My general mode is go-go-go, so when my body wants to go to bed early or just sit on the couch all day, it’s kind of a relief (in a strange way).

If you’re stuck on the couch or behind a desk for a few hours today, here’s a few links worth clicking on!

Links Worth Clicking On

(Slippers here)

+ This past year in pictures.

+ One of my favorite sites has a terrific gift guide for babies/toddlers.

+ These are the cutest DIY ornaments I’ve ever seen. If only I was crafty…

+ I’ve never even heard of this show but now I want to watch it on Netflix immediately.

+ I always consult this list for my next books to read.

+ I know I don’t NEED this dress but when LOFT has 50% off sales…

+ Speaking of shopping, this coat is one of my best shopping decisions of the winter (and is on super-sale).  And this cardigan was a close second favorite.  Actually, scratch that, these slippers have been on my feet since I bought them and may deserve ‘favorite purchase’ distinction.

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! I swear this season gets shorter and shorter every year.

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