A quick word about summer in the PNW

The longer we live in the PNW, the more I realize how different it is here than Chicago. Take the summer season, for example.

In Chicago, the weather is hot and muggy and everyone’s AC is going on full blast. We didn’t have AC in our last Chicago rental, and we thought we may pass out and die on a daily basis. (It didn’t help that I was pregnant/postpartum during that time.)

However, in Seattle the weather is close to perfect. No rain, no mugginess, no mosquitoes, 16 hours of daylight… it’s wonderful. Seriously, perfection. Well, until it gets above 80 degrees in which case we’re all complaining about the ‘heat’ because no one has AC here and it gets HOT in these older houses.

Seattle in the summer (is perfection).

But, there are other differences than just the weather. The perfect conditions in the PNW in the summer cause every single person I know to want to leave the city and head to the mountains or the beaches or somewhere else in the region. Sure, in Chicago people traveled in the summer, but it was maybe one or two weeks during July or August and the rest of the time people stayed in the city. This is simply not the case in Seattle.

Trying to plan anything with anyone in Seattle from June-September is basically impossible. You want to have friends over on a Saturday? Good luck, because everyone is certain to be out of town, doing something outdoorsy (myself included!).

I mean, you may be able to find a family or two around on any given day, but you would be wise to assume that most people will be gone on any given weekend.

Our summer is similarly as busy. So far we’ve had a few long weekends of camping and a trip to Canada. My dad was in town visiting for a weekend. Next weekend we’ll be going camping again, and we have trips three different weekends in August and one or two in September.

There is so much to do around here, and so few weekends in which the weather is trulyperfection. If the blog is a little quieter than usual, it’s because I’m out adventuring!

Do you have any travel / adventure planned for the rest of this summer?!

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