5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier

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5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier

5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier

A load of laundry

Every single night I run a load of laundry, most recently using Tide purclean (a new plant-based detergent!). I’ve heard this ‘do daily laundry’ tip from a few different people, and finally decided to try it out a few months ago. It has been life changing for me! I used to be guilty of waiting a week or two between laundry loads, and then I would have piles all over the house of clean laundry, dirty laundry, maybe clean laundry (but possibly dirty?)… it was chaos. And the folding. OH, THE FOLDING. It took forever. It turns out, it’s MUCH easier to do a small load of laundry each night, so that in the morning I can fold it and put it away in about five minutes. This makes a dreaded chore not-such-a-dreaded chore.

5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier

Most recently, our favorite detergent is Tide purclean. It comes in both unscented and honey lavender scents, and I’ve been alternating between the two. This is a plant-based detergent (yay!) that I feel great about using on my family’s (especially toddlers’!) clothing. In fact, Tide purclean is the first plant-based detergent that has the cleaning power of Tide.

I’ve been trying out a variety of natural products and detergents lately, and was happy to see that Tide has come out with one that is free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates, ethanolamine and optical brighteners. Plus, I was able to pick it up during a trip to Target with my littles. (It is in the ‘gentle detergents’ section. Also, remember to use the Cartwheel app so you can get a discount!)

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5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier 5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Days Easier

A load of dishes

We always, always, ALWAYS run our dishwasher at night. Even though our current dishwasher is so loud that we can’t hear the TV over it. (I’m so glad we’re moving and leaving this rental dishwasher craziness behind us!) We easily fill the dishwasher every single night, because we cook at home daily, but even if we don’t, we still run the dishwasher. While the girls eat their breakfast in the morning I put all of the dishes away and start loading the dishwasher again. This keeps our counter (relatively) clean of dirty dishes, and also ensures we don’t run out of spoons midday!

The 10 minute cleanup

I hate picking up kids’ toys, but I also can’t get anything done in a house filled with chaos. I’ve been trying to encourage the girls to pick up their own things, but bedtime mayhem still ensures that there are always lots of things out of place by the time we’re winding down for the night. So, I always spend a few minutes picking up everything, so that when we wake up in the morning, we enjoy 30 seconds of a clean house. If I don’t clean up the clutter at night, our hectic morning stresses me out way more, because then the mess gets bigger and bigger and then I really lose motivation.

Make breakfast

The last thing I feel like doing after dinner is making breakfast for the next morning, but I find that it’s the only way to ensure I don’t skip the first meal of the day. In the mornings I tend to be running around trying to get out the door with the two toddlers, and I don’t always have time to eat, much less make, a meal for myself. However, if I make a smoothie or jar of overnight oats at night, I will definitely be able to grab it as I head out the door in the morning.


One of my resolutions as of late has been to journal every night. (I don’t actually remember every night, but I’m trying to make it a habit!) I attempt to write a few bullet points of things I’m thankful for and/or have accomplished that day, so that I go to bed satisfied and grateful and ready to start a new adventure the next day! I find that focusing on what I did (instead of my to-do list for the next day) helps me to start my next day with purpose and optimism!

Now if only I had some extra energy after the girls go to bed to make sure I could get all of these things done every single evening! I’m working on making it all a habit/routine, though, because doing these things at night really does make everything go more smoothly the next day!

Tide purclean at Target

If you’re interested in trying a new plant-based detergent, remember to buy Tide purclean in-store at Target using your Cartwheel app for a discount until mid-September!

What do you do at night to make your days easier?

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