Things I’m Loving This Week

It’s only Wednesday but it’s already a good week! I’ve managed to shower and straighten my hair, I’ve put on ‘real’ clothes, we had a great speaker at our MOPS group, I took Isabelle to her first dance class, we got our family photos back, and generally I’m feeling very on top of things. (THIS NEVER HAPPENS!) Of course, that can all change in seconds, so I’m counting my thankful seconds while I have them. 😉

fall-leavesRoasted chickpeas!

We went over to our neighbor’s house the other day, and she generously offered to make us roasted chickpeas with her air fryer. Let me tell you, that thing made roasted chickpeas in no time at all! I make them at home in the oven, too, and they’re perfect for a fall snack.

Lara Casey’s Powersheets!

I just wrote out my November goals yesterday, and the 2019 Powersheets come out today! I’ll be snatching some up for sure. PSA: these sold out pretty early last year, so if you want to be intentional about goal setting this next year, buy them early! I really think this is a helpful tool if you want to take a step back, look at your life, and define some long and short term goals for your year ahead. I bought the 2019 Dated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner.

Art For Kids Hub!

A friend recommended that I use this YouTube channel as a tool for quiet time and it is WONDERFUL for Clara (who is 4.5 years old). Granted, I’m not sure she actually tries that hard to recreate the drawings they do, but she will sit there and watch them! I’m not a fan of screen time for my toddlers, but I feel better about turning on shows that they can follow along with and that are somewhat interactive.

Fall Colors!

Everyone always says the east coast and Midwest have the best autumn scenery… but I don’t know… Seattle looks gorgeous with the changing leaves! Of course, this year we were extra spoiled because we had outstanding weather for most of October. Tim and I even took the girls hiking over the weekend to Twin Falls, and it was fun and gorgeous! I just wish I had taken my ‘nicer'(not phone) camera to capture some of the scenery!

I hope you’re having a great week!

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