Weekend Favorites (v2)

This week was… a week. It felt like 18 weeks, really. The girls are on their absolute worst 4 & 2 year old behavior, we were super busy (in a great but exhausting way), and I was so worn out today that I could barely move off the couch. But! Isabelle started preschool which means I get one glorious morning to myself every week – Amen, Hallelujah, all of the praise hands.

Things I’m Into:

  • “I know how my 80-year-old father feels about dying, religion and God not because I scheduled a discrete encounter to discuss all of that with him. I know because I happened to be in the passenger seat of his car when such thoughts were on his mind and when, for whatever unforeseeable reason, he felt comfortable articulating them.” (The Myth of Quality Time, here)
  • This song and podcast about being a type 7 on the Enneagram. The host has songs for types 1-7… I’m still waiting for the other two types, since Tim is an 8!
  • Blanqi tank top and leggings. They’re tight and keep all of the lumpier parts of me looking smooth. (thumbs up!)

What are you loving right now?! Share in the comments!

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