What I learned during Seattle’s Snowmageddon

Last week I wrote a post about the ‘Snowmageddon’ we had in Seattle this month. And I complained about it, a lot.

I must admit, though…

Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 - What I learned! Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 - What I learned! Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 - What I learned!

There were some perks of being stuck at home for so long:

  • Tim worked from home most days, so we saw more of each other. Our marriage always does best when we spend more time together! (Such a crazy revelation, I know.)
  • I had a few lazy days in which I could read, blog, meal plan, do laundry… and just catch up on ‘life’ stuff while the girls played together, without  needing to be shuttled around.
  • Tim and I were able to enjoy winter conditions that reminded us of the Midwest, and to experience that with the girls was pretty fun! Plus, the snow was really beautiful as it was falling.
  • I loved seeing the girls play outside in the snow. Usually we go on a yearly ski trip so that we can all play in the snow together, but this spring we aren’t going on one (because I can’t ski when I’m this pregnant), so it was nice that the girls were still able to do some typical ‘winter’ activities.
  • With almost all social plans cancelled, me and Tim were both home at night, which made our schedules seem less rushed. We ate dinner with the girls together, played Yahtzee or watched a nightly TV show, did bedtime together… it was really nice for everyone.

Overall, I was able to look at my life and figure out what things I truly missed about my ‘normal’ schedule, and what things I was (surprisingly) happy to miss out on. This has made me more aware of what I can do to modify my schedule to achieve a more sustainable pace of life going forward.

Sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to slow down, especially since I have a tendency towards FOMO and to absolutely fill my schedule. I’ve been getting better about that in recent years, but it’s still a work in progress.

Plus, I figured out how people get things done – they stay at home and do them! I am whatever the opposite of a homebody is, and I always wonder how so many things don’t manage to get done. But from being at home lately, I’ve learned that if I just stay indoors *, I can tackle tasks that I want to do, but never prioritize over going on a fun adventure.

* (With energy! That part is key. In the first trimester of pregnancy I was home all of the time, but I had no energy to do any of the things, and I’m feeling that way again in the third trimester, too, unfortunately.)

Sometimes we all need a little life interruption to keep us on our toes and to help us reevaluate our normal lives, right?! But I’m glad this particular one is over and life can go on as normal soon!

As I sit here listening to the rain on our roof, I’m thinking it’s the most beautiful sound. I’m over snow for now!

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