Weekend Favorites (v13)

Tim and I just got back home after dropping the girls off at school (and participating in Clara’s ‘birthday circle’ celebration there! Super cute.) and it turns out no one is in Seattle. No one. There’s no traffic. Only a few kids were at school. Everyone is in the mountains, I guess! I love it. But also, my FOMO is activated and now I have to figure out what we’re doing this weekend immediately. But first…

Things I’m Into:

+ Did I binge watch ‘Dead To Me’ in one day? Yes I did. All of Season 1. Have you watched it?!

+ Speaking of which… Raise your hand if you watch TV with closed captioning turned on! I do, always.

+ We should probably definitely all be doing more to save the planet but sometimes I feel kind of defeated by the whole thing.

+ A question to ask yourself.

+ I’m all about minimalism – especially when it comes to working out!

+ I may have shared this already but I read more and I love every single one of these advice column posts. Hilarious.

Now I’m off to clean the house… we just got back from yet another trip on Wednesday and our home is pure chaos. Well, actually I’m going to think about cleaning the house and in actuality I’m going to think of some fun things to get up to this weekend. And maybe workout. And maybe finish eating my breakfast. And maybe listen to a podcast. And I might even work! The day is young and I have 2 whole hours before preschool pick-up!

Happy Friday, friends!

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