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On ‘dangerous’ workouts.

If you tend to read about fitness, or if your friends read about fitness and are active on social media, you may have seen this article going around about the ‘dangers’ of Crossfit.  Now, I’m not going to specifically address … Continue reading

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There’s a first time for everything. Like peeing my pants in the gym.

Yesterday I gave a quick weekend recap, but there was one thing I left out: The time I spent at the CrossFit gym on Sunday. You know how some workouts just suck?! Well, this particular workout was in an entirely … Continue reading

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Do you schedule your workouts?

It’s no secret that I love working out. Once upon a time, I was a cross country and track runner. Then, after college I started training for and running half marathons and marathons. Three marathons later, I “retired” from running. … Continue reading

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All sweat is good sweat. (Unless it’s just because of the humidity, because that’s just gross.)

*Confession: This blog post was supposed to be about why I do CrossFit, but then (somehow) the post took a different direction and is not quite the post I had originally intended to write. Oops!* With bikini season in full force, … Continue reading

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The Husband is so motivating (in his sleep).

This was the conversation this morning: …Alarm clock goes off… Me: Ughhhh should I go to the gym? Husband: …sleeps… Me: I’m really sore from yesterday. Husband: …sleeps… Me: My neck hurts and my arms hurt and my hamstrings are … Continue reading

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