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Friday love notes.

Dear Tory Burch, I won my very first blogger-giveaway this week and now I have some cold hard cash (or a gift card, actually, but that doesn’t sound as hardcore) to spend at your store. Expect me soon! Dear Chicago … Continue reading

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I put my winter jacket in the closet – because spring may be here!

I’m running behind today. And by ‘running’ I mean I managed to crawl into work (barely) on-time and survive a few meetings, but I’m exhausted. I’d like to blame this tiredness on the fact that it is (again) Monday – … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, and I’m celebrating by eating doughnuts!

This week was pretty awesome.  I feel like I say that about every week, but I mean it this time. I guess I mean it every time…. the point is, I’m really enjoying myself lately! This week I had the following … Continue reading

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(One day) I really hope I’m a better parent than a dog owner.

Confession: Once upon a time I thought I would be a most-excellent dog owner. Sure, there were some clues throughout  my life that I probably wasn’t up for the responsibility of keeping anything alive, much less a dog. Like when I got … Continue reading

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Please don’t chase that baby stroller.

Isn’t it great when your dog is wonderfully well-behaved and doesn’t attack the runners/strollers/skateboarders/other dogs/anything-that-moves-faster-than-him? I wouldn’t know.  Our dog is an asshole. I’m fairly certain he thinks his entire life mission revolves around Eating Ensuring we are safe from … Continue reading

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