It’s Friday, and I’m celebrating by eating doughnuts!

This week was pretty awesome.  I feel like I say that about every week, but I mean it this time.

I guess I mean it every time…. the point is, I’m really enjoying myself lately!

This week I had the following highlights….

  • Getting a few great workouts in at CrossFit.  I went 3 times this week, which is better than the twice a week I’ve been doing.  
  • Eating dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city, La Scarola.  The Husband and I went out with our old roommate and it was awesome to catch up.
  • Walking in the snow.  I really like walking in the snow – with snow boots, and the Husband, and our Monster.

  • Church time!  I went to my women’s small group, the Husband went to his men’s group, and we went to a couple’s group.  
  • I worked from home for part of the day on Tuesday because adults still get snow days, evidently.  I spent this valuable time catching up on Millionaire Matchmaker (while working, of course).
  • I had some best friend time talking to one of my very favorite girls on the phone.

 Now that I’m recapping this last week, it almost sounds relaxing… but I assure you it was not!  Unless you were this little guy:


I hope everyone had a terrific week and is ready for the weekend!


I always love linking up with this lady on Fridays to see what everyone in the blogging world has been doing all week!

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