I put my winter jacket in the closet – because spring may be here!

I’m running behind today. And by ‘running’ I mean I managed to crawl into work (barely) on-time and survive a few meetings, but I’m exhausted.

I’d like to blame this tiredness on the fact that it is (again) Monday – but let’s be honest with ourselves – this tiredness has ‘weekend’ written all over it.

Weekends are like adorable puppies, we know they’re causing trouble but it’s impossible to stay mad at them because they’re just so fun to hang out with.

Anyway, my goal is to complete this blog post by lunch and it just might happen, so here we go… Weekend Shenanigans!


// I had the best of intentions to be home early on Friday night to be productive. Then we started playing @$$hole at happy hour. Well, there went the night!

// Saturday I was fairly productive and caught up on some ‘life stuff.’ I couldn’t tell you what that stuff is now, but it was good and necessary.

// Saturday evening the Husband and I went to ‘Stomp’ with my mom and brother. It was really fun!

// Sunday we went to church, watched the Masters (Oh hey, Adam Scott!), went to brunch with a great friend of mine, and went to dinner with one of my roommates from college and her boyfriend. What a busy, wonderful, and delicious day it was!

// Also worth mentioning, on Sunday I didn’t wear a jacket to brunch or dinner. Big deal in Chicago!  

We’re also puppy-sitting for a few days and that’s going well. And by ‘well’ I mean that both dogs are happy and alive. I love having two dogs in the house because they tire themselves out and seem happy to be around each other. Oh, puppy love. (I’m in love with both puppies and may kidnap the one that isn’t already ours. Don’t tell.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to chug some caffeine and attempt to get through today.


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