ABCs of Marriage

** Warning: You may not want to read this post if you’re currently hating on relationships/love/etc, because you may gag and/or throw up and I really don’t want to be responsible for that.

Still there? Good. Let’s continue on.


Because I was drinking wine For whatever reason, I got the idea to write what I love about our marriage… in ABC format.   

So here goes:

Asparagus, apples… this was the Husband’s contribution to this list. He has been fired and the rest of the thoughts are mine. (He would like to add that he thought of ‘Apples’ because he shares his apple slices with me without complaining.)

Back rubs. Especially the kind with the happy endings. (Am I allowed to say that?! I guess so, it is my blog…) Marriage does not make me above this sort of thing (thank goodness).

Christianity. I love sharing our faith with each other and our community. I know that a relationship with God has made us a much stronger couple than we could ever be by ourselves.

Dishes. He does them. (I am a lucky, lucky lady.)

Engagement. I truly loved being engaged and being so covered in love by our family and friends. That was such a special time!

Family/Friends. Now we each have double the amount of family members and friends to love on! The Husband has the greatest friends and I’m happy that I now consider them my very good friends, too. And sharing families is a great blessing… we can share the stress and the joys that are inherent with being in a family and that makes life so much more tolerable fun!

Grace. I will write an entire post about this (eventually) but grace in marriage is so important. The Husband forgives me even before I ask for it and I do the same for him. It’s truly special.

Holding hands never gets old.

Ice cream… he always lets me have a bite.

Jokes. We both enjoy laughing, and so we do it as often as possible.

Kisses. I love forehead kisses.

Love. I mean, obviously. It feels great to love and to be loved unconditionally by someone I admire and respect.

Mornings. Even though the Husband hates mornings, on days we get up together, they’re really fun. Usually we get ready at the same time and end up dancing in the bathroom/shower to whatever pop song is on the radio. There is nothing like a dance-off to get the day started off on the right foot.

Non-traditional. The Husband totally gets that I don’t believe in the traditional roles in marriage (for us, that is… for some people it works) and he is very willing to discuss what marriage will look like for us. He didn’t even care (much) when I told him I wasn’t changing my last name to his. We’re still in discussions about that whole thing, though. I’ll keep you posted.

Openness. I have no secrets from this man… if there’s one thing I’m great at, it’s over-communicating! And I absolutely love that I can really tell him what’s on my mind and heart and he actually cares. (And vice versa, it’s pretty cool to be in someone else’s brain sometimes!)

Pet. We have our little Monster and I could never handle this sort of responsibility on my own. I can barely keep plants alive, much less living things. Thank goodness the Husband is far more nurturing than I am, and he remembers to do things like eat (and feed others).


Quiet time. We can sit next to each other and be totally content not speaking. But let’s be honest, I’m usually talking.

Road trips! I love road trips. I can tell my Husband whatever I want and he can’t escape or pretend to not be listening to me. Yes, this semi-contradicts what I wrote for the letter ‘Q’. It’s unfortunate that those letters are right next to each other.

Sleepovers every.single.night with my best friend! (and little Monster. he likes to snuggle, too).

Together. Because at the beginning, middle, and end of every day, the most important thing is that we’re each other’s best friend, partner, and biggest cheerleader.

Umbrellas. He usually holds the umbrella for me so I can keep my hands in my pockets or holding other things. But actually, I usually end up drenched and he always stays perfectly dry. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts… kind of. Actually maybe this letter doesn’t so much count as a great thing about marriage… Now I’m just thinking out loud so I’ll leave it in here, I mean, what else begins with ‘U’ anyway?!

Vacation buddy for life. I’ve had many vacation buddies, but the Husband is my all-time favorite (no offense, other vacation buddies!). That’s actually how I knew I NEEDED to marry him… we survived a few vacations without killing each other. True love, I tell ya.

Wine nights! 

X-rated things. As in, he totally didn’t think it was weird when he came in and I was watching Kim Kardashian’s sex tape just to see what the fuss was about. He did think it was weird when I started doing other things on the computer and left it on in the background (just in case something interesting happened! It never did).

Youth. OK, so we’re not so young anymore, but we’re seriously living the crap out of life at the end of our 20s. I love that we have the energy to travel like crazy, work too much, have a nonstop social agenda, and still love on each other. I hope we carry the youthful energy forever!

Zillions of more things I could write. Seriously… marriage is the best.


OK, that was enough cheese for one day, right?! (Wait, let’s be honest, there can never be enough cheese in the world. I’m talking about the real kind now… like mac & cheese). 


Cheers to love!

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