If I were a _____ blogger….

Confession: I got into this blogging thing so long ago (when I just had a personal blog), that it’s a bit ridiculous that I didn’t know about the community aspect until super recently (as in, March. Yikes)! And now that I’m a few weeks into consistently posting and actually having readers outside of my real life best friends, I’m starting to wonder what I should actually post about. I need a theme, right?

Yes, this just occurred to me. 

Baby steps people.

I  mean, it’s me we’re talking about…

It took me a long time to get Twitter.

Even longer to get Instagram.

Blog designs… yeah I’m clearly still working on that.

But a theme for my posts… I should have one of those. And I don’t.

Most of my posts come from a bit of wine inspiration as opposed to a general ‘theme’.


So then I started thinking about the various types of bloggers out there, who I follow and love, but who I could probably never be. And then I thought about what my life would be like if I were one of these types of bloggers… and then I decided to write a post about it. Just because.

SO, without further ado…


This is what (I imagine) I would think as a….


Fashion Blogger:

On a good day: Husband, I totally HAD to buy all of these awesome clothes because it’s my JOB. Yes I understand I don’t get paid for it, but it’s still a job.

On a bad day: It’s raining outside, I don’t want to shower, and I’m feeling bloated. The last thing I want to do is take pics of myself. I think I’ll just eat mac and cheese instead.


DIY Blogger:


On a bad day: Well, that didn’t work out too well… now I have to rush and create something else so that the bloggy-verse doesn’t forget I exist!


Kitchen Blogger:

On a good day: Have you seen these cookies I made? They’re the most delicious things ever and they have 0 calories so you will all want to make them ASAP.

On a bad day: Burnt cookies. Must make a new batch so I have something to show for my hours worth of effort. Ugh.


One time I tried to make eclair cupcakes. They eventually turned out OK…. the first batch was a fail. A flat-cupcake fail.


Mommy Blogger:

On a good day: The kids are adorable and I am going to take a million pictures of them to show off their adorableness to the entire world.

On a bad day: These kids are awful. They definitely take after the Husband. ‘KIDS! Do something cute so I can blog about it!’ Nevermind, I have no time to write anyway. Where’s the vodka?


Lifestyle Blogger:

On a good day: I just had the most amazing weekend and I took tons of pictures of food and friends and what I wore. My life is truly brag-worthy right now, but even if it’s not, I know enough about celebrities to fill a few posts.

On a bad day: Well shit, how can I make the 4 days I just sat on my couch sound interesting? I need to find a guest blogger, ASAP.


Beauty Blogger:

On a good day: I’m totally buying all of these products just to try them out. I need to experiment with everything if I’m going to tell my readers about the best of the best in beauty products!

On a bad day: Is that a zit?! I’m going back to bed.


This is the extent of my beauty knowledge. So maybe I could write at least one blog post if I were a beauty blogger!


Wedding Blogger:

On a good day: My wedding is three months away, I have so much drama and planning details to discuss. 

On a bad day: My wedding has been over for 6 months and I’ve already posted about every.single.thing I can think of. Even my wedding day undergarments. What do I talk about now?


Exercise Blogger:

On a good day: I’m training for a marathon that I’m sure I’ll crush and get a spectacular PR. I look amazing in workout clothes and even my sweat looks good. Motivation is my middle name today! I can do anything! You can, too!

On a bad day: All I want to do is eat Cheetos. I probably can’t blog about this because I’m supposed to  be all inspirational and shit, but I’m sore and hungry and I hate exercise and oh-my-gosh now I think I have cramps, too. That’s it, I’m watching TV all day.


Travel Blogger:

On a good day: I just came back from a phenomenal vacation and I took tons of pictures and I cannot wait to show everyone and detail every second of my time in the most exotic location ever!

On a bad day: I haven’t traveled in months, unless you count my weekend trip to Iowa. I need to go through old pictures from 5 years ago to find some material…


Humor Blogger:

On a good day: I am the funniest person alive! I’m so spontaneous that I have tons of adventures without even trying, and I just drank a ton of coffee/vodka/Redbull so I’m feeling especially witty!

On a bad day: All I did was go to work today. Now I’m tired. What’s so funny about that?! I’m the least clever person ever, this is awful.


I do love sports… But being a sports blogger would be completely beyond me.


Sports Blogger:

On a good day: (Every single day of college football season and the NFL season) I LOVE LIFE!!! So much to talk about! So many games! So much gossip!

On a bad day: Really? The most exciting sporting event this week was was tennis/cricket/golf? And there weren’t even any super-attractive competitors? Ugh.


Whew, I don’t know how you ladies do it, you themed bloggers, you!

So where does this leave me and my blog…? I guess I’ll call myself a ‘lifestyle’ blogger, which I think means I can talk about whatever I want and it doesn’t need to have a theme. Although I should probably Google that definition before I start throwing it out there to  make sure I fulfill all of the criteria. This (blogging) stuff can get quite complicated.

Thanks for sticking with this theme-less blog, it  may stay this way for all eternity quite some time.


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