I’m totally capable of keeping things alive.

The other week (Note: I meant to write this blog post the week it was actually relevant. Clearly that didn’t happen. Whoops!) the best.thing.ever happened. Some best friends (who happen to be married to each other) asked me to dog-sit! Well, I like to think they asked me, really I think they asked me because I happen to live and be married to the Husband, who I’m sure they assumed would be far more capable than me. Anyway. The point is that they asked US to dogsit and of course we said yes and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my animal-owning life.

The very fact that they asked me to watch their beloved pet is really saying something about the faith they have in me. I like to think that I’m acting more mature, adult-like, responsible… but they may have just been desperate. 

You see, I have a (short) history of accidentally killing things.

Like plants. Plants never last for longer than a few days in our apartment. Even if they’re in soil. I like to think I ‘over-love them’ and they can’t handle the attention and die in a happy coma-like state. Although, I will admit that the excessive amount of water I give them may have something to do with their early demise.

And small sea creatures haven’t fared all that well, either. In fifth grade my mom bought me a goldfish. It lasted 30 minutes before I found it floating. Actually, I found it sunk to the bottom of the fishbowl with a snail crawling on top of him. That traumatizing image is still with me and I’m pretty sure I may have just had a homicidal snail.

It’s possible that one wasn’t my fault at all, now that I think about it. Sure, let’s go with that. Blame the snail.

So you can understand why I put off getting my own little Monster for quite a while. I waited until I had a nice, responsible roommate husband who I knew could back me up in case I did things like forget to feed the little guy.

This is also why I’m putting off having children. I first want to master plants, fish, and dogs.

What were we talking about again!? Oh yes. Dogsitting.

It was perfect. The two little dogs played together all day and tired each other out. It greatly relieved the general guilt I get from leaving our little Monster home alone while the Husband and I work. They walked together, hung out on the couch together, laid on the bed together… Oh my heart could barely take the adorableness of it all.


This is the sight that greeted me one evening when I got out of the shower. They even laid on laundry together!


I loved having two dogs greet us at the door. I loved playing fetch with two adorable little Monsters, I loved having double the cuddles. 

And then the jerks our friends came back from Mexico and took their little guy away.


I immediately told the Husband that I just needed another dog ASAP, but he didn’t seem to take me seriously.


See, he has two hands to cuddle two dogs!


I mean, he does make a valid point… he is the only one who walks our current dog… but he has two hands, so I think he could easily manage two little monsters (yes, I did try to convince him by using this logic and all he did is glare at me and not-so-kindly request that I walk the dog I already have).

Obviously I may have to wait a little longer for the 2nd dog than I had originally hoped… but Christmas is only 7 months away! (Hint, Hint!)


Cheers to furry friends!

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