(More) Wedding Talk. Groomsmen edition.

Since a few weeks ago I did a little post on my fabulous, wonderful, supportive bridesmaids, I thought I should probably give the groomsmen some love, too.

The Husband had five groomsmen, comprised of his brother, my brother, his (and our) old roommate, and two best friends. My youngest brother was also an usher… but he basically decided he was going to be a groomsmen, so I think he kind of became one. 

I clearly had no control over this wedding 😉

Because of some circumstances (I was way behind in getting ready) at the beginning of the day, the guys had some extra time to kill with the photographers.

I like to think the guys had quite a bit of fun being in the wedding (but I guess I should probably ask them to ensure the accuracy of this blog post… I wouldn’t want to compromise the integrity of my writing… nevermind, I’ll just assume they had fun).

All day, while the bridesmaids were getting their hair done, the guys were drinking at the pool bar. 

Because life is hard at destination weddings.

After Robbie (the best man) saw me like this, I’m surprised he allowed his brother to marry me at all!)

At one point, the best man crashed the girls-only villa to get some contact solution. At this point in the afternoon I think I had managed to shave but I didn’t wash my hair that day, so I’m fairly certain there were sea creatures crawling in my up-do the night of the wedding. At the very least, there was definitely some salt water up in there.

I was quite the sexy bride, I know.

Whoops, are we talking about me again?! Back to the men!


What they wore: 

  • Gray slacks from JCrew (light cotton, which didn’t wrinkle as much as I imagine linen would have)
  • Suspenders that we bought online
  • Purple ties that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack. I tried to buy varying but complimentary shades / designs
  • The groom wore the matching vest with the pants and a plain black tie
  • They all wore black shoes of their choosing

I was super pleased with the way the look turned out. It was actually quite difficult trying to figure out how to look ‘beachy’ but formal, especially because I’m not a huge fan of all beige/tan colors for the bridal party.


I was told that this picture is not at all staged, and that it really took 5 men (and one bored usher) to figure out how to work the buckle on the Husband’s vest. I guess brides aren’t the only ones who require a bit of teamwork to get dressed the day of the wedding!


Awwwww, looking at these pictures just makes me want to jump on a plane with all of our best friends and do this all again! This week it has been 6 months since our wedding and it truly feels like yesterday. I really should create an ‘official’ scrapbook so I can remember all of the details. On the plane ride back from Jamaica we did record all of our favorite memories into a journal so that we don’t forget anything.


Cheers and happy hump day!

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