A little ‘Sunday Funday’ inspiration.

It appears I ‘accidentally’ took a few days off of blogging this week.

This is what happens when I sleep until noon every day – I end up doing nothing even remotely productive with the rest of my day.

Unless you count sitting on a boat and drinking lime-a-ritas as ‘productive’.

Oh you do?! Great! Then I had a super productive Fourth of July long weekend. But that’s a post for a different time.

In honor of Sunday Funday, I thought it’d be fun to get together with one of my amazing sponsors, Stephanie from ‘Drink On It’ (whose blog name is also alcohol related – like mine!) and answer some alcohol related questions.

If nothing else, this should give you some drinking inspiration.

You’re welcome!

1.) What drink do you order if you’re at a bar and can choose absolutely anything? Go!

Stephanie: Usually it’s a Tequila Sunrise.

Tequila Sunrise Recipe:

      • 4 oz Orange Juice
      • 2 oz Tequila
      • 1/2 oz Grenadine
      1. Pour the tequila and the orange juice into a highball glass with ice cubes.
      2. Stir.
      3. Slowly pour the grenadine around the inside edge of the glass, it will sink and slowly rise to mix with the other ingredients naturally.

Lisa: Ketel One and water with lime. It’s my new ‘adult’ go-to drink. (I decided I was too old to still be ordering cranberry vodkas or rum and cokes.)

2.) OK, but if you’re forced to make your own drinks in your very own kitchen, what do you whip up?

Stephanie: I’m boring at home. I usually drink beer or mango flavored Malibu rum either on the rocks or mixed with Sunny Delight or Gatorade. I’m a big drinker, so my drinks would probably be too strong for most people. It’s like 3/4 of the cup (whatever size I’m drinking out of) is the Malibu and the remaining 1/4 is juice. The best part about Mango flavored Malibu…even when putting a lot in the drink…it still just tastes like juice. 😉 You can read some more about my awesome drinking here.

Lisa: Well I’m just glad I never thought of the rum/Gatorade combo while I was a runner in college – that sounds dangerous! At home, I’m mainly a wine or beer drinker, however, recently I’ve gotten really into Moscow Mules. And in case you want to make one of these for yourself..

      • 1/2 Lime
      • 2 oz Vodka
      • 4-6 ounces of Ginger Beer

Add it all together over ice and enjoy!

3.) You have an alcohol related blog name, too (just call me Captain Obvious)! What’s the story behind your blog name?

Stephanie: Well, Drink On It isn’t my original blog name. I started out with ‘Life, Actually’, then changed it to ‘The Not So Fairytale Life’. Neither of those names seemed to fit me too well.  So, a couple of months ago I decided to come up with a name that really suited me. I picked ‘Drink On It’ for two reasons: 1. I love having a good drink…at anytime. 2. It’s the name of a Blake Shelton song and he’s one of my absolute favorite singers. I am loving the name of my blog now! 🙂 

Lisa: ‘Two Martinis’ is actually a reference to the first date with my (now) husband! On a Friday in September 2010, I drank two martinis (one of which I got for free from the waiter I was flirting with) and the rest is history.

4.) If your dog was a drink, what type would he be and why?

Stephanie: Haha, I would say beer only because he loves beer. Like really, really loves beer. I don’t like to give him a lot because I know it’s not good for him. But, I will give him some occasionally. And, if I am drinking a beer and I don’t share with him, he will drool and beg for it! 

Lisa: I would say an Old Fashioned. Ozzie is very chivalrous and takes his self-given responsibility of guarding our house very seriously. As in, he stands by the window all day and night to warn us of any possible intruders. And we live on a busy street in Chicago, so you can only imagine the amount of people he tries to warn us about.

5.) Have you ever made a life decision that you wish you could blame on alcohol, except you were totally sober at the time?

Stephanie: Ahh, I am sure I have a lottttt of life decisions that I wish I could blame on alcohol! Haha. I would say most of them deal with boys (go figure). I’m pretty irrational when it comes to boys and making decisions. I wish I could blame all of them on alcohol. 😉

Lisa: I also wish I could blame some of my poorer dating decisions on alcohol! One time (during my single life) I got invited to a bachelor party, and went out with 19 men for the night. That was definitely one of my more questionable (but amazing) sober decisions. 

That’s all from me and Stephanie (make sure you go check out her blog if you haven’t already)! I hope you’re enjoying your long, patriotic weekend!


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