This is a very time consuming (and rewarding) little hobby!

I have this ‘disease’ (I’ll call it) that pretty much renders me incapable of writing a blog post during normal daytime hours. Instead, I usually start writing a post around 10 or 10:30 and publishing it before midnight. And that’s on a good day. Lately I’ve been up until about 1am to finish recording my thoughts, adding photos, and pressing that ‘Publish’ button. I really need to start writing before midnight…. Moving on.

And I do this not because I have to, but because I genuinely love it.

I’ve had a blog (of some sort) since junior high. I took some time off in high school and then had another blog in college. And I cannot even count nor remember how many blogs I’ve had in the five years post college. All evidence has been destroyed since I met the Husband and realized he may not have any sort of appreciation for pre-Husband Lisa and the shenanigans I got myself into far too frequently.

two martinis why i blog

I blog simply because I like writing and sharing stories. And even more than that, I love reading stories.

I keep a journal at home, but that’s a different type of writing, and I actually don’t write in my journal as frequently as I write in my little space on the internet.

I wrote for years and years without one single reader. And then I wrote for about five readers. And now I write for a few more readers and love it more than ever.

Mainly, I hope that by me sharing some stories of my life, someone else is able to relate. And I hope connections happen and readers reach out and we can bond over commonalities. (And ultimately, isn’t that why every blogger writes?!)

I enjoy chatting with fellow bloggers via email, Google Chat, Twitter, etc!

This is why I have a growing love for social media – so many more connections can take place! Although, I will admit that I’m fairly certain I was the last blogger ever to join Twitter. And then Instagram. And most recently… Pinterest. But I’m learning!

When work is busy, I make time to blog.

When my social commitments are filling up my calendar, I make time to blog.

When the Husband really wants my attention… I usually at least see what he wants (and if it’s sex, the blog can wait!)

And I do this because blogging makes me feel like I can make an impact, and that I could possibly brighten someone’s day or make someone smile or give someone an ‘a-ha!’ moment. And I believe that we shouldn’t be solely consumers, but we should also take time to create.

I think bloggers really can make the world a better place, one published post or tweet at a time!

And so I don’t mind staying up late and working on this little ‘hobby’, because it makes me feel great and I don’t consider it a chore at all.

I even get excited when I have extra time at work (to do things other than… you know… work) that I can use to scour Pinterest for things to repin, interact more on Twitter, post a picture or two (cancel that, who am I kidding, I never post twice on Instagram in one day! A girl only has so many pictures, darnit!) on Instagram, comment even more on other peoples’ blogs, catch up on emails… the to-do list of blogging can be endless, but I honestly really enjoy everything that it entails.

I guess this post really serves no purpose other than to say thank you (as a reader) for making this blogging thing even more enjoyable for me!


I hope each and everything (or person) you’re investing time into is something completely worthy of your dedication.



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