We’re halfway there, Baby!

Dear Baby B,

Wow, you are now negative 20 weeks old! in only 16ish weeks you’ll be full-term in my uterus and I cannot believe how quickly these past few weeks have gone. It’s been quite an adventure already, that’s for sure. Now normally I don’t write notes to little babies, much less unborn babies, because they can’t actually read. Plus, your eyes aren’t even open yet! But, I have things I want to say, darnit.

We found out we were pregnant with you almost 4 months ago and I can honestly say that every single day of the past four months have been among the best days of my life. I was always afraid that I would hate pregnancy because I’d be sick the entire time and would need to give up everything I love. But it turns out that I love pregnancy. Love, love, love it. I love it when I’m nauseous. I love it when I’m tired. I love it when I’m eating 10 cookies. And I love it when I see my bump getting bigger and bigger. People keep telling me that I have the pregnancy glow, and I think it’s because I’m so, so freakin’ happy. I love being pregnant the most when I feel you kick. There is nothing on this earth that makes me happier than those little fluttering feelings in my abdomen. Your daddy felt you kick for the first time on Valentine’s Day, which is also when we got our 20 week ultrasound. You looked perfect, by the way. Absolutely perfect. You were just sleeping the entire time so the ultrasound technician was able to get tons and tons of the pictures we needed. We saw your little feet, your hands, your face, your spine and ribs, your organs, your face… right now you kind of look like an alien, but we love you anyway. You were sleeping just like your daddy, with your hand on your face. It melted my heart when we saw that.

Speaking of which, you take after your daddy already. You don’t really enjoy running (well, you don’t like it when I run), you love salty foods (although thankfully you’ve been letting me eat cookies lately!), you wake up after noon each day, and as I said before, you sleep in the same position he sleeps in… yep, I’m already worried that you’ll be nothing like me! Honestly, I’d be okay if you take after your daddy. He’s one of the most special people in this whole world. Not that I’m biased, or anything.

We’ve decided not to find out what gender you are. Whether you’re a boy or a girl makes no difference to us. Your daddy thinks you’re going to be a boy. So does everyone else. However, we have no preference and we just want you to be healthy and happy. 

I don’t spend much time thinking about what you’ll look like. Your dad and I look pretty similar, so I’m assuming you’ll just come out looking like us (super attractive, of course). Actually, I think I should warn you ahead of time that you’ll probably be an ugly newborn. Don’t worry, most newborns are. I was super, super ugly as a baby (your grandma cried for six months straight because my hair stuck straight out of my head. I was also really, really fat). Your daddy was an ugly baby, too, so you may be doomed to follow in our footsteps. To us, you will be perfect no matter what. We’ll buy you super cute outfits and everyone will (probably) tell us you’re cute anyway. Except for your grandma, she may actually tell you the truth.

I’ve spent the last few months in some disbelief about the fact I’m actually going to be a mommy. I always knew I was going to be a mom, but I can’t believe that time is going to be this year! We never thought we’d get pregnant with you so soon, but we feel beyond blessed that this was the case. We prayed every night that God would bless us with a baby, and you are our biggest answered prayer.

Your daddy prays over you every single night. We pray that you are healthy and stay safe and that I stay healthy. I’ve never prayed so much in my life, to be honest. I’ve also never felt closer to God. Every beat of your heart is a complete and total miracle to me.

I’m excited for quite a few things over the next few weeks. I’m excited for my belly to ‘pop’ which should happen any week now. My abs have been too strong for you so far, but pretty soon you’re going to create a real bump! I’m excited to feel your little kicks and movements more and for your daddy to feel them more often, too. He absolutely loves holding my belly and he talks to you all of the time. He’s so, so excited to be a daddy and has been since the first second he found out I was pregnant. I’m also excited to decorate your baby room and to fill it with adorable baby things (our registry is already almost finished!). And then I’m excited to go to the baby classes and learn more about how to take care of you and deliver you and all of that baby related stuff. It should be quite the adventure for your dad and me! We have two vacations that we’re taking before you join our little family, too. You’ll have been to seven countries by the time you’re born! You’re quite the world traveler already, baby!

We call you Baby B and Baby Tati for now. Don’t get confused, neither of those will actually be your name. And if you hear us yelling ‘Ozzie’, that’s also not your name, it’s the name of our pet who will soon be your pet, too. We introduced him to a baby the other day and he was quite happy with her, so we think he’ll get along with you, too. 

The most important thing, Baby B, is that we love you very much already. To us you are already perfect and we can’t wait until you come out to meet us, officially! Although, please don’t come out too soon. Wait until at least 37 weeks, and then you can feel free to make an appearance whenever you’d like. You’ll know when the time is right because I’ll be doing lots of jumping up and down to get you to come out. And I’ll be eating spicy food. I think that’s how it works. Your due date is ‘officially’ early July, but I’m late with everything and this will probably be no exception. (Just warning you!)

Sorry to get all mushy in this letter, it doesn’t happen too often, so don’t get used to it!

Love you, my little fetus baby!

Your Mommy/Human Incubator,

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