I can’t even decide if this week was especially good or not, but it happened so that in itself is worth something!

Another good(ish) week in the books!*

* I actually don’t know what this phrase means. Does it mean this week is history? Because I certainly didn’t record the events of my own life in any books… although I guess I did write in my journal once, which is an improvement over most weeks!

I won’t say this week was necessarily easy, because it wasn’t. Clara’s sleep ‘schedule’ is inconvenient (again) and Tim has been working a lot and even though the days flew by, the hours went by slowly.

Know what I mean?

I did make an effort to spend more time reading and less time in front of the TV, so that was nice. I’m going to attempt to set restrictions on my TV/social media time at night, but that may be a losing battle. I’m setting myself up mentally for no TV after 10pm, but we’ll see how that social media rule goes, because I have a horrible habit of scrolling aimlessly in bed.

Last night I was admiring that one of our trees had all of its leaves still attached. This morning I woke up and not one leaf was still on the tree. Winter is definitely coming.

Anyway, those thoughts are neither here nor there… onto Friday-type things!

(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • I’m not the only one that thinks nursing in public should be a non-issue. (here)
  • Some tips on simplification. “The thing about being married is that your pre-marital crap cuddles up to your spouse’s pre-marital crap in the basement with the lights off when no one is watching, spawns and creates more crap. When kids come along, the process amplifies exponentially.” (here)
  • 45% of people are planning on shopping on Thanksgiving day. I do not approve of this, by the way. (here)
  • What the republican agenda might be. (here)
  • “Jumping between jobs in your 20s, which strikes many people as wayward and noncommittal, improves the chance that you’ll find more satisfying—and higher paying—work in your 30s and 40s.” (here)

(This Week) Clara

… decided to start napping again (thank goodness)! For the past few weeks she had been on a sleep strike during the day.

… has gone back to her bad habit of not going to sleep until almost midnight and sleeping until noon.

… enjoyed (I assume) accompanying me to my postnatal workout classes – which are completely kicking my butt.

… watched me learn to parallel park and didn’t laugh even once.

… has found her voice and has subsequently started yelling all-day-long. I love it but it gets to be a bit much!

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • Thoughts. (Mon)
  • How to save money when shopping online. (Tues)
  • About wanting to create holiday traditions (Thurs)
We’re spending this weekend in Michigan with our small group – which we’re super excited about! It should be a nice weekend away from the city.
I hope you had a wonderful week and have an exciting/relaxing/eventful/uneventful/perfect weekend!
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