I hesitate to call them (June) goals.

I’m not in the habit of setting monthly goals, because I find it’s far easier for me to focus on my big-picture yearly goal. However, I’m feeling especially ambitious now that it’s June and the weather is nice (And by nice I mean it’s above 50 degrees, but the forecast is nice so let’s not make this post about the weather. I’m sorry for even mentioning it.) so I thought I would let you know the improvements I hope to make this month.

I hope that by sharing a few of these with you I’ll be held accountable to actually do them! Plus, since I take to-do lists very seriously, I find that the act of writing down things I want to get done very important.

June Self-Improvement Goals

See this ponytail and t-shirt look? Not going to happen in June! (Well, it might for Clara. She pulls it off better than I do.) Also, Tim told me this isn’t Clara being too-serious, it’s her ‘model face’.

The things I’m working on this month include (but of course, are not limited to):

| Eating better. Less sugar, less carbs, less processed foods, more fruits & veggies.

| Sleeping more. This whole being-a-mom thing is tiring. Still. Even though it’s been almost 11 months since Clara came into our world. And unfortunately, even though she goes to bed fairly early (8ish), I am a night owl and sometimes stay up until 1am. Crazy, right? Well, I’m really going to try to go to sleep earlier – my goal is 10:30pm, but we’ll see how it goes… I don’t have high hopes for this one.

| Continuing to read actual books (one per week, at least).

|  Exercising and/or stretching daily. This is a big change for me since over the past few months I’ve been going to physical therapy twice per week and haven’t had time to do my ‘usual’ workouts. However, I think this will be easier now that the weather is nice and I can ride my bike and jog outdoors! Finally.

| Looking prettier more put together. This one sounds vain, I know, but when I look prettier I feel better and more confident and I think that’s a goal worth striving for. When it comes to getting ready to get out of the house, I’ve always been lazy, and now that I have a baby I’ve gotten really lazy. I’m the girl who leaves the house without makeup and in a t-shirt and with half of my makeup on (I always forget the darn mascara!). But this month I want to look better. I want my outfits to be thought about instead of thrown on and I want my hair to be doing something other than hanging in a ponytail. I’m even going to try to do my nails consistently! I may fail at this immediately, as I just realized that I’m writing this post with wet hair dampening the t-shirt I’m wearing. Whoops.

I realize that some of these probably shouldn’t be considered ‘goals’ because they can’t me measured and they aren’t specific enough, blah blah blah. So really, these are just areas of my life that I want to be conscious about this month and also going forward.

Do tell me, what are some things you’re working on?! If you would rather write me an email, do that! I’d love to encourage each other!

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6 Responses to I hesitate to call them (June) goals.

  1. Valerie says:

    These are great! I can totally relate and have some of the same things on my list for this month, too! It’s incredible how getting dressed up in something other than stretchy pants and putting on a little makeup can make you feel like a million bucks!

    • Lisa says:

      YES, and embarrassingly, I’m still trying to figure out my personal style, so wearing actual clothes is kind of a necessary part of that process!

  2. Mallory says:

    Getting 150 min of physical activity a week. Books are on mine too (I set a NY resolution to read 10 min a day….it’s been a struggle). I also want to send out a big snail mail out to family and friends, newsletter style 🙂 so I will work on putting together a “year in review” for that. I love setting at least a couple of goals a month!

    • Lisa says:

      150 minutes is a great goal! Are you reading anything good lately? I’ve always thought about writing a newsletter (but via email) for long distance family and friends, but then I feel awkward talking about myself like that… I can’t decide if it would be appreciated or not! I think it might be a good thing though, thoughts?!

  3. Corie says:

    I know I haven’t really been around lately, but I am still reading and in regards to your last goal check out http://www.getyourprettyon.com if you haven’t 🙂 I’m doing her style “challenges” and LOVE it! I’ve been feeling SO much better about myself/appearance 🙂

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