Toddler (Mis)communication

A glimpse into my life as the mom of a 19 month old…

Toddler (Mis)communication

Clara: (pointing to a car) BUS!

Me: That’s a car.

Clara: BUS!

Me: Sweetie, I see it, but it’s a car.

Clara: (excitedly and emphatically pointing) BUS! BUS!

Me: CLARA, it’s a CAR.

Clara: (pointing to a different car) BUS!

… And then I realize I’m arguing with a toddler about whether a car is a car or a bus and I question my sanity and also whether it’s worth it to correct her because at least she knows it’s an automobile of some sort… right?!

(Today I’m joining in with some other moms discussing miscommunication in motherhood: Lisa, Farrah, Amber Joy, Amanda, Tiffany, and Racheal)

Does communicating with kids ever get easier, or does it stay just as challenging but in different ways?! Please say it gets easier.

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