Things Clara says.

Remember my last post when I talked about how challenging it is to have a 2.5 year old? I stand by every word of it. However, I truly love this age. I mean, it is so, so tiring, but it is also hilarious when I’m not too worn down to appreciate it.

Things Clara Says

Here are some things Clara has said today:

“Tim Dada.” … How Clara refers to Tim. This is actually an improvement because before she would just call him just “Tim”. I think it’s cute that they’re on a first-name basis, but when we’re out of the house and she’s yelling for him it occurs to me that other people probably think that I’m either remarried or am just dating Tim who is NOT her actual dad… The entire thing greatly entertains me and frustrates Tim who keeps telling her, “MY NAME IS DADDY.”

“I’m going to bite her in the eye!” … Clara’s favorite threat to Isabelle.

Me: “Clara, why is Isabelle crying?”
Clara: “I hit her. Now I need a new sister.” (Request not granted.)

“MOM, what’s a holiday spice flat white?” … Because evidently I’m abusing the Starbucks drive-thru.

“Why?” “Why?” “Why?” … I was hoping she would never learn this word. It is just as annoying as I anticipated it would be.

“Can I have FIVE kindness stickers?” … Because she gets one sticker when she’s kind and after five stickers she gets to watch a Christmas show on TV. However, she wants to fast-track the process and get all five at once. Her negotiation skills are already at work (but failing).

“Isabelle will be a big girl soon. She’s going to be a mama soon! She’s going to have a ponytail! She’s going to have blue eyes! She can eat peanut butter! She can walk!” … Clara trying to make me cry by aging my baby just a bit too quickly.

“Can we go to the playground?” … No matter what the weather, this is her request every single day.

“Can I touch your nipple?” … While making a pinching finger gesture towards me. (This was after I told her that we need to ask people before touching their bodies.) As tempting as it was, I said a firm no on that one.

Plus, to my great happiness, she has started requesting what to wear! I love this! Dress as crazy as you want, kid, I am all for it. Today she wore a pink dress, red & white snowflake tights, blue shorts, gold shoes, a purple necklace… it was ridiculous and wonderful. I wish I had gotten a better picture, but she got paint all over it so it was short-lived.

Anyway, it is naptime (and I miraculously and finally got them both to sleep) and I have a book to read so I’m signing off!

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