Spending money, making/saving money. Sometimes simultaneously.

I really thought I might get through Black Friday without spending any money, but it was not meant to be. I didn’t buy anything on the actual day of Black Friday (and certainly not on Thanksgiving!) but with online deals lasting almost a week, I had to take advantage! I ended up ordering some items from JCrew, Land of Nod, Gap, and World Market. That free shipping gets me every time – even more than the discounts! Sigh.

Three ways I saved money while shopping online this week!

Aside from shopping when I know some big sales are going on, there are three other ways I’ve saved money while shopping online this past week:


I enable this browser extension and whenever I go to Amazon to buy something, it tells me if the same product is available at a cheaper price somewhere else. For instance, I was about to buy this nail polish from Amazon, but immediately saw it was $4 cheaper on eBay. Of course, usually it’s slower shipping than Amazon Prime offers, but usually I am very happy to wait the extra couple of days to save a few (or sometimes more than a few!) bucks.

+ Ebates

Ebates is now easier to use than ever before because it has a Chrome browser extension that reminds me whenever I’m on a site which can offer me some money back. Previously I had to remember to go to the Ebates site first, and then navigate to a store’s website, but now I can activate Ebates directly from the store’s site. I get a percentage back of almost every purchase I make online and have made $500 over the past few years. Easy peasy!

+ Moo.com

For the past few holidays / announcement-worthy occasions, I’ve created my own greeting cards using Canva.com and Moo.com. This year I was able to buy 100 greeting cards for around $80 (if my memory serves me correctly), which is waaaay less than I used to spend with the ‘usual’ greeting card sites. I design my greeting cards using Canva, and then I print them using Moo.com using a blank template, and I’ve found the whole experience to be surprisingly painless.

* This post is not sponsored, although this post does contain referral links. I genuinely save money using these services, and I highly recommend them!

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5 Responses to Spending money, making/saving money. Sometimes simultaneously.

  1. Crisp Snaps says:

    The free shipping always gets me, too!! When I shop online, I also use Swagbucks to earn reward points for free giftcards.

    • Lisa says:

      Ohhhh I’ve used that one before too, but now use Ebates instead! There are so many ways to make money while shopping online, I can’t believe some people don’t use any of them!

  2. I really need to start taking advantage of Ebates. I’m pretty sure I have a login and everything. *facepalm* I just never remember!

    • Lisa says:

      YES, take advantage! Sometimes it’s only a percent or two back, but it still adds up over time. And now that it’s just a button instead of needing to go to the site and navigate from there, it’s super easy!

  3. Emily says:

    Yes! Ebates is awesome! So easy to use. Getting cash back in just a few seconds each time is so nice.

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