Oh, Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is our annual quest to find a Christmas tree. Anything that gives me an opportunity to drag my entire family outside, no matter what the weather is, makes me so happy. (Unfortunately, it does not make my family as happy as it makes me, but that’s besides the point.)


Well, 3/4 of us were happy.

This weekend’s Christmas tree mission didn’t disappoint. It was pouring down rain, but we piled the kids into the car and drove an hour to the Christmas tree farm.

Well, first we stopped at Starbucks to meet up with friends, of course, because we cannot possibly do our best Christmas tree scouting without caffeine. I got my usual order, a tall holiday spice flat white (with only 2 scoops of the flavor).


Then, to the farm we went! We crammed the kids into their rain jackets and hats and mittens and boots and put them on wagons and walked into the trees! This year was extra-fun because it was the first year that Clara really understood what was going on. She picked out at least 20 trees she wanted to bring home.


The four families we were with all found ‘perfect’ trees (none of us were all that picky) within a reasonable amount of time, and we loaded them onto our respective cars and away we went!



It was the perfect outing, if I do say so myself.


A huge tangent: years ago, for Clara’s first Christmas, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and and were living in Chicago. We were planning on celebrating Christmas with our families, so we didn’t bother to buy our own tree. CRAZY, right?! Finally on December 23rd I decided I wanted my own tree, and Tim and I ended up in tiny tree lot in some parking lot in the middle of Chicago. We were the only people there and it was so depressing and I’m clearly still not over it.

So now we are doing Christmas tree shopping the real way, darnit! And it is awesome. Well, for the adults. The toddlers, however…


These little ones are perpetually underwhelmed by our ‘adventurous’ outings.

Do you chop down your own Christmas tree?!

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