Things I Want To Tell You About

Things I want to tell you about this week…

+ Isabelle’s 2nd birthday was a week ago, and we went out to ice cream to celebrate. At the ice cream shop Clara says “Mom, tell me again… how does God get the baby in a mommy’s belly?” at which point the lady next to us almost choked trying to keep her laughter in.

Home in Seattle

+ We’re officially house hunting in Seattle! If you don’t know, Seattle is the fastest rising real estate market in the country right now, and it is CHAOS trying to buy a house here. I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for a different post, once I’m on the other side. Keep us in your prayers! This will be the first house we’ll be buying together and it seems like a very adult decision!

+ Last month I took two trips (solo!) to San Francisco and Denver to be with old friends. There is nothing like hanging out with people who¬†know me. But also, it’s interesting to hang out with people who knew me long ago, when I was pretty different from who I am today, at least in my opinion! It got me to thinking… do our old friends know our truest self, or do they have opinions formed about who we are that may not necessarily be true anymore? Something I need to think more about…

+ Tim is working on big things at Starbucks and this article explains a lot of it. I’m proud of him!

+ My dad organized a little competition to predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend – and I won! I actually picked THE TRIFECTA! We each had to pick three horses and I picked the top three! Now if only I had actually bought a ticket and won some money… (But let’s face it, if I had actually put money on it, my horses would have been dead last.) My prize is a nice bottle of wine – so I’ll take it.

+I read “How Not To Die” a few days ago and it immediately changed the way I view food, and has changed my diet a bit, too. I highly recommend it if you like reading about nutrition and are trying to eat more intentionally.

That’s it for now! I’m exhausted right now and I still have an entire week to get through with my two little crazies.

Wish me luck!

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10 Responses to Things I Want To Tell You About

  1. Neely says:

    I really want to read how not to die, after seeing your insta stories. Also had no idea Tim worked for Starbucks. Color me jealous!

    • Lisa says:

      You should read it! And Tim actually works for Microsoft but his client has been Starbucks for years. He even got the chance to go through their coffee training program!

  2. Hehehe- Clara’s question would’ve had me spitting out my ice cream with laughter, too. Yay for Tim! And I’m intrigued by your old friends question. I feel like mine have watched me grow over the last 15 years and they know the truest me… but maybe I’m wrong.

  3. I’m equal parts intrigued and scared about reading How Not to Die!

  4. You guys have a lot of good things going on!! I hope your house hunt starts to go better, but I know it’s hard in this market.

  5. Lisa says:

    Our financial advisor is the one who recommended we should buy… bleh. I mean, I love renting for lots and lots of reasons, so this is a big step for me personally! I do see the benefits of giving kids a house they can stay in for more than a few years though, and the fear is that we won’t be able to afford any house in the Seattle area soon with prices continuing to rise… not to mention interest rates!

    I agree with you about the friends thing – a lot of my friends are in separate groups, and know different parts of me than other groups might, if that even makes sense! I realized after talking to some of our high school peoples in the past month that they remember things about me that I actually don’t even remember! So in some ways it seems that they know me better than friends I’ve met more recently, but in some ways it seems that their image of me might be more biased towards the past than how I would see myself now. I’m going to have to think more about it!

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