November Goals

Today is one of the rare days that both girls are taking a nap. (*Do you hear angels trumpeting in the background?!*) We don’t usually allow Clara to take naps anymore, because this guarantees she’ll be awake until 11pm tonight… but she has a cold so I’m just letting her have the extra rest. Girlfriend loves herself some extra rest – just like her dad!

But her nap gives me extra rest. Which I will use to eat Halloween candy, if we’re being honest.

In between bites of dark chocolate, I’m also sitting down to work out some of my November Goals. As I mentioned in the last post, I use Lara Casey’s Powersheets to organize my goals. This past year was my first year using them, and they really helped me to be intentional with my year. Although, I will admit, like most things, I’ve lost motivation as the year has gone on… and some months didn’t get filled out ‘on time’… but I’m definitely more intentional with goals than I have been in previous years. Plus, for the past few years I was focusing on one word (instead of a list of goals), and while I enjoyed that way of goal-setting, too, I was still consistently making mini-goals and challenges throughout the year, without having a way to record them or the progress I was making. I love how these Powersheets ask me how I want to spend my year at both a high level and then at a daily level, and it helps me to create actionable goals. Life-changing. (Especially for a chronic goal-setter like myself.) Anyways, I highly recommend you check out the Powersheets. They’ll sell out before the new year, so if you’re interested in them, buy them as an early holiday present for yourself!

November Goals 2018 (Monthly, Daily, Weekly)

A Summary of My November Goals:

Monthly Goals:

  • Travel to Chicago
    • Create itinerary
  • Create holiday activity (bucket) list
  • Catch-up on house projects
  • Massages
  • Buy anniversary gift

Weekly Goals

Daily Goals

  • Screentime less than four hours
  • Bedtime before 11pm
  • Move/stretch/walk Oz/etc.

Thoughts on these goals… some of them are more generic than others! “Catch-up on house projects” is kind of a never-ending goal and I may never truly catch-up this month, but I want to FEEL caught up. I also want to ensure I move my body more and get regular massages and exercise my mind by blogging, taking photos, and writing. My favorite way to get into the Bible is through the Write the Word journals, which I want to get into at least once per week.

Then of course the daily goals… Has the screentime app/feature in the recent iPhone update ruined anyone else’s life?! (OK, being slightly dramatic here.) Because it has made me realize I’m on my phone even more than I thought I was. Ugh. Four hours still sounds like a lot, but the reality is I use my phone all of the time to shop, look things up, navigate places, etc., so I’m going to take baby steps in spending less and less time on it! Wish me luck.

And let’s not get started on how hard it’s going to be for me to get to bed before 11pm… yikes. I accomplished this goal earlier in this year (when it was a daily goal for a few months), but then I fell straight off the wagon. I need these check marks for accountability, darnit.

Well, now that I’ve written it out online and in my Powersheets, it has to all happen – right!?

Do you have any goals this month?! Can you believe 2018 is almost over?!

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10 Responses to November Goals

  1. I am so interested in the Powersheets you speak of…how have I not heard of them before? UGH I agree the screen time feature has totally ruined my life but I am trying to be more intentional with my phone use instead of mindlessly scrolling now.

    • Lisa says:

      SAME. Also, did you check out the Powersheets?! I really do love them. It helped in my goal setting so much this past year because I was able to feel like I accomplished so much more overall, but was also able to focus on what really mattered to me on any particular month.. if that makes sense!

  2. erinhzauner says:

    Screen Time ruined my life. And now that I’m nursing again? DONE. My goals these days are basically to make sure that we get places on time and I remember to feed everyone meals. So maybe next year for more official goal setting?

  3. I intentionally haven’t used the screen time app. Honestly, I don’t want to know… Lol

  4. Screen Time has DEFINITELY been an eye-opener for me. I set 1:30 limits for myself on a couple apps/app categories, which seemed reasonable at the time, but it’s crazy how often I hit those limits (…and often end up overriding them. Oops.). It has encouraged me to stop wasting so much time on my phone, though!

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    My screen time increased last week by more than 70000%… but it was because I drove a couple places with GoogleMaps on the whole time, and I read a bunch of articles in research journals! So, I think the screentime measurement is not very fair — I wish it would at least not count driving time as true screentime!

    • Lisa says:

      Google Maps is the reason some of my days have way more screentime than others! So of course I stopped using it to stay under my limit and promptly got lost going EVERYWHERE. Hahaha!

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